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Bringing the Wikiprojects to the Island of Catanduanes

Wiki Advocates PH members boarding the Calixta VI Ferryboat
Wiki Advocates PH members boarding the Calixta VI Ferryboat
Source:Wikimedia Education Newsletter, May 2022
Summary: The community members of the Wiki Advocates Philippines have looked forward to the Open Access Learning Portal installation in places in the Philippines with low to no data connections. After a year of preparation, the group was able to initially launch the project in one of the public schools situated on Catanduanes Island. Four hours of land travel from Pasacao, Camarines Sur to Tabaco City port, and another three hours of sea travel boarding the Calixta VI ferry to reach the San Andres, Catanduanes port, and finally the group was able to get to the island. Read more here.

Arte+Feminismo Pilipinas:Advocacy on Women Empowerment

Wiki Advocates PH Art and Feminism 2022 Edit-a-thon
Wiki Advocates PH Art and Feminism 2022 Edit-a-thon
Source:Wikimedia Education Newsletter, March 2022
Summary: This month marks the start of the campaign for bridging the gender gap across all wiki projects. The Art and Feminism in the Philippines as a part of this initiative has officially launched this year’s campaign at Raul S. Roco Library. This is the third time the Philippines will be joining the international campaign and we are looking at a more revamped and structured event through the collaboration of Wiki Advocates Philippines with the leadership of one of the Network Organizers of Art and Feminism. The kick-off event was attended by two community organizers, Imelda R. Brazil and Anthony B. Diaz, along with the local volunteers. Editors have created draft articles on Wikifundi, by way of a Kiwix device and have utilized the library references and resources in search of quotations from notable women, not only in the Philippines but all around the globe. Previously, the group has also interviewed several women in different fields and walks of life to answer the question, “Sain mo nahihiling an babayi bilang parte kan sarong sosyodad?” or "Where do you see the woman as part of a society?" Read more here.

Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom ToT Experience of a Filipina Wikimedian

Joyce De Guzman attending the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom synchronous session
Joyce De Guzman attending the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom synchronous session
Source:Wikimedia Education Newsletter, January 2022
Summary: Wikimedia Education opened its call for application for the 2021 cohort of training of trainers for Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom last August 2021. From all the applications received, 24 individuals were selected and one of them is a Filipina Wikimedian, Joyce De Guzman. She has been actively participating in local events and campaigns the Wiki Advocates Philippines conducted in the past. In this brief interview, the newly certified trainer will be sharing about her struggles, excitements, and aspirations throughout the training and the Wiki projects in general. Read more here.


Wikipedia and Education Mentorship Program-Serbia and Philippines Partnership

Source: Wikimedia Education Newsletter, November 2021
Summary: Nebojša Ratković, Education Program Manager of Wikimedia Serbia, and Anthony Diaz, a member of the Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group have conducted Wiki projects training in the Philippines under Wikipedia and Education Mentorship Program. Read more here.

Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Module Distribution in the Philippines

Source: Wikimedia Education Newsletter, September 2021
Summary: Printed modules of Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom was distributed to eight schools last August 27, 2021. Some of the officials of the Department of Education ― Division of Naga City were present at the event; Mr. Honesto Pesimo, Education Program Supervisor, and Mr, Joseph M. Condeno, Ph.D., Senior Program Specialist. Recipients of the teachers' guide are the following schools, Camarines Sur National High School (435 teachers) , Cararayan National High School (77 teachers), Concepcion Pequeña National High School (78 teachers), Tinago National High School (46 teachers), San Isidro High School (10 teachers), Sta. Cruz High School (7 teachers), Leon Q. Mercado High School (33 teachers), and Morada Ramos ES (38 teachers). Read more here.

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos (WPWP) sa Central Bikol Wikipedia

Anthony Diaz, Central Bikol Wikipedia Administrator, Network Organizer A+F, July 2021
An Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos (WPWP) sarong taunan na kampanya kun sain an mga editor kan Wikipedia sa bilog na kinaban, mga proyekto sa tataramon na Wikipedia, asin mga komunidad nagkakaag nin mga ladawan sa mga artikulo sa Wikipedia na dai nin litrato o ilustrasyon. Ini ginigibo man tangani na padagos na maitulod an paggamit kan mga digital media files na natipon sa manlain-lain na pakontes sa paglilitrato, mga photowalk na pig-organisar kan komunidad kan Wikimedia, sa mismong mga pahina nin artikulo sa Wikipedia. Ini pinanginutan man kan Wikimedian na si Olatunde Isaac, kan Wikimedia Nigeria, kan 2020 kaiba an saiyang mga pag-iribang mga volunteer. An mga ladawan na ini nakakatabang na magkua kan atensyon kan mga parabasa sa teksto, mag-ilustrar kan laog, asin gibuhon pa an mga artikulo na ini na magayon asin nakakatabang para sa mga parabasa. An kampanyang ini pigpapartisiparan kan manlain-lain na nasyon sa kinaban arog kan Benin, Bangladesh, Belgium, Serbia, kabali man an Pilipinas, asin iba pang mga nasyon. Pira man sa mga nagpapartisipar na grupo iyo an Art+Feminism User Group, AfroCROWD, Wikimedians of the Caribbean, Wikimedistas de Perú, EduWiki Community Philippines asin 54 pang iba.
Niribong mga litrato an yaun asin Wikimedia Commons hali sa manlain-lain na mga programang adbokasiya, mga photowalk, asin mga pakontes sa potograpiya arog kan Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Folklore, asin iba pa. Alagad pira sana sa mga litrato na ini an nagagamit sa mga artikulo sa Wikipedia. Saro sa katuyohan kan proyekto na ini na mapakinabangan an mga litratong ini.
2021.08.02-CB-WPWP-02 (1)
2021.08.02-CB-WPWP-02 (1)
Igwa nin lokal na partisipasyon an Central Bikol Wikipedia sa kampanyang ini. Asin masususog sa website na ini an pira sa mga panundon para makapagpartisipar: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Pages_Wanting_Photos_2021. An Central Bikol Wikipedia iyo an lokal na bersyon kan Wikipedia na nakasurat man sa lenggwaheng Bikol. Laog kaini an manlain-lain na artikulo manungod sa Bikol, sa mga tawo igdi, asin igwa man nin mga artikulo na gikan sa Ingles na Wikipedia asin pigpalis sa tataramon na Central Bikol. Dai man nangangaipo na magin matibay o tama sa paggamit kan lenggwahe orog na an mga ini pwede man na hirahon kan ibang mga editor. An pigpapaurog igdi, iyo an pagtarabangan na mapakarhay an sarong artikulo sa ano man na sadit na ambag. An kampanyang ini madurar puon Hulyo 1, 2021 hasta Agosto 31, 2021. Igwa man nin mga maninigong papremyo sa mga mapipili na may pinakagulpi asin pinakatamang kontribusyon. Gamiton sana an #WPWP asin #WPWPCB sa saindong mga edit summary tangani na masusog an mga entra. Makukua an website kan Central Bikol Wikipedia sa link na ini: https://bcl.wikipedia.org. Pagtarabangan tang pakarhayon an satuyang Wikipedia.

Wiki for Human Rights Campaign in the Philippines

Source:Wikimedia Education Newsletter, June 2021
Summary: The Philippines has participated in the international campaign of the Wiki for Human Rights: Right to a healthy environment through the volunteers of Wiki Para sa Karapatan Pantawo of the Central Bikol Wikipedia. The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness of every human being in a safe, clean, and sustainable environment to live in. It is timely that Jusan Misolas, one of the community organizers for this campaign, is also an environmental activist, and has an actual immersion in communities in rural and coastal areas. Read more here.

Using Wikipedia and Bridging the Gender Gap: In-Service training for Teachers in Philippines

Source: Wikimedia Education Newsletter, March 2021
Summary: The Department of Education of the Philippines has held its week-long In-service training for the teachers. Tinago National High School, a secondary school located in Naga City has shown its interest in incorporating the Wikimedia Projects in their teaching, specifically the Wikipedia. Through the efforts of Rick M. Ruizo, the school principal, and Madam Chona D. Peralta, the proponent of this year’s school-based INSET, the short training has been held at the school on March 17, 2021. Read more here.

Philippines Climate Change Translate-a-thon

Source:Wikimedia Education Newsletter, February 2021
Summary: The Philippines Climate Change Translate-a-thon was held last January 2021 and still on-going. Its primary focus is to create articles related to climate change. This is to improve environmentalism awareness and engage teachers in editing articles on Wikipedia. Read more here.

The Possibility of Open-Access Learning Portals in the Philippines

Julius Bulahan and Imelda Brazal during Blast Off in Naga City
Julius Bulahan and Imelda Brazal during Blast Off in Naga City
Source:Wikimedia Education Newsletter, January 2021
Summary:Members of the Wiki Advocates Philippines proposes the Open-Access Learning Portal, a project of having an offline Wikipedia in local learning hubs on remote areas, presented during the BLAST-OFF, Naga City's first-ever digital startup challenge in the Philippines. Presenters are two active Wikipedians who both worked on online and offline outreach activities of Wikipedia. Read more here.

Wiksyunaryo: An Talingkas na Diksyunaryo

Magbikol Kita
Magbikol Kita
Source:Magbikol Kita Webpage, January 2021
Summary:ARAM NINDO AN KAHULUGAN kan mga tataramon na saringsing, dagupdop, agimadmad? O kun ano man an nanggad pagkakaiba sa basa—bakong basâ—kan kùkô sa kukó? An pirming pinakaharaning tabang na makukua ta iyo an magkonsulta sa sarong diksyunaryong Bikol o kun dai man maghapot sa social media, sa pagláom na igwa saimong masimbag. Mantang regular tang ginagamit an satuyang sadiring tataramon saka igwa kita nin tamang pagkakaintindi sa mga ini tangani na makapagkomunikar nin malinaw sa kapwa ta, pirmi nanggad kitang nagkakaigwa nin karibungan kun igwa kita nin mga terminong dai na gayong nadadangog o nasasabutan. Totoo, igwa kita nin mga susugan asin adal sa ortograpiya na pighaman kan mahihigos na iskolar alagad an mga ini paminsan mababakal sa halangkaw na kantidad o kun libre man, kaipuhan pang magdayo sa mga library sa eskwelahan o sa syudad. Read more.


The Use of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as a tool for Module Development in the Philippines

Source:Wikimedia Education Newsletter, September 2020
Summary:Imelda R. Brazal, Reading Wikipedia Local Coordinator, Education Team, Wikimedia Foundation, discussed Wikimedia: As Creative Commons and its Educational Benefits and Online Educational Resources (OERs) Creative Commons and Public Domain during the 3-Day Division Online Seminar-Workshop on Developing and Validating Localized Self-Learning Modules and Blended Learning Delivery Modalities for Social Studies and Humanities and Social Sciences Writers. Read more here.

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