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Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group/Meetings/2023/December 3

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Virtual Meeting and Election of Board Members and Vice President

Place: Virtual Asynchronous Meeting
Time Started: 09:30 AM
Time Ended: 12:55 PM

Attendance: All members were present.


  1. New structure of the members of the Board.
  2. Acceptance of Alvin's resignation.
  3. Appointment of Erica as one of the new board member.
  4. Election of a new board member and vice-president.


  • Imelda discussed the new structure of the board members proposed by the existing board members. Since no one from the current members of the Board want to accept the Chair position, the Chairman role and responsibilities will be divided into 5 members. Bianca will serve as acting Chair until the Board decides to permanently appoint a new Chair. The 5 board members will handle the following committees: Administrative, Diversity, Education, Human and Environment, and Language and Culture Preservation. We will add two new seats for the board member. One seat will be through appointment, and another is through election.
  • The board appointed and informed Erica about this and she accepted on December 3, 2023. 09:16 AM.
  • Imelda informed the group that he board accepted Alvin's resignation on December 2, 2023, 19:00.
  • Imelda facilitated the virtual election.
  1. Members will nominate a regular member by directly sending a message.
  2. Members will vote for a board member and a vice-president privately.
  3. Nomination results
Jake received 3 nominations
Jose 1 nomination
Erica - 5 nominations
Vanessa - 1 nomination
Lawrence - 1 nomination
  • Voting results
At 10:40, Imelda received the first vote.
At 10:57, 11 members have already voted.
At 11:18, 16 members have casted their votes.
At 11:35, 18 members have voted.
At 12:18, all members have successfully voted.
The votes have been forwarded to the Board Members for counting.
Angelica volunteered to count the votes.
The Board members approved the results by 12:30 PM.
The results were shared to the group by 12:42 PM.
  • Official Results
Total # of voters: 20
Total # of votes: 18
Abstain: 2
For Board Member
Jake-9 Jose-3 Vanessa-3 Lawrence-3
For Vice President
Jose-9 Jake-4 Vanessa-2 Lawrence-3

Prepared by:

Imelda Brazal