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Art+Feminism in PH 2021 and EduWikiPH 05.jpg
  • EduWiki Community Philippines
As part of online promotion to emphasize the different Wikimedia-based projects as free resources for remote learning in the Philippines, this rapid grant project created the social learning group EduWiki Community Philippines. The primary purpose of this group is to provide an avenue for communicating the series of webinars that will be conducted during the entire program. The main objective of this project is to equip teachers with free online teaching and learning resources through the use of Wikimedia-based projects. To give emphasis on the use of the Philippine language Wikipedia such as Bikol Sentral, Cebuano, and Tagalog Wikipedia and provide an overview of other useful Wikimedia projects.
View:Program Report ; Evaluation Report

  • Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Toolkit Distribution
Printed modules of Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom were distributed to eight schools last August 27, 2021. Present in the event are some of the officials of the Department of Education - Division of Naga City; Mr. Honesto Pesimo, Education Program Supervisor, and Mr, Joseph M. Condeno, Ph.D., Senior Program Specialist.
Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Module 1-3 Distribution in PH 11.jpg
Name of School No. of Teachers
Cararayan National High School 77 teachers
Camarines Sur National High School 435 teachers
Concepcion Pequeña National High School 78 teachers
Tinago National High School 46 teachers
San Isidro High School 10 teachers
Sta. Cruz High School 7 teachers
Leon Q. Mercado High School 33 teachers
Morada Ramos ES 38 teachers
Juan F. Triviño Memorial High School 65 teachers

  • In-Service Training
Twice in an academic year, teachers in the Philippines are undergoing in-service training for their professional development. Volunteers of the Wikimedia Advocates Philippines are always being invited by different schools in the province to share more about the open knowledge ecosystem and the community of volunteers behind Wikipedia.
Date/Venue Topics Discussed Impact
The Use of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as tool for Module Development in the Philippines 2.png
September 9, 2020, Remote Creative Commons and Wikimedia-Based Projects as Open Education Resources More than 40 Social Studies teachers of the Department of Education Camarines Sur Division were oriented about the CC Licenses and the different Wikimedia-Based Projects.
Art+Feminism in PH 2021 and EduWikiPH 01.jpg
February 17, 2021, Tinago National High School Using Wikipedia and Bridging the Gender Gap: In-Service training for Teachers in Philippines Sixty teachers of various disciplines from Tinago National High School were oriented about Wikipedia in global education, EduWiki Community (as a support group for teachers using Wikipedia), Brief overview of Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, Philippine-language Wikipedia.
Julius Bulahan on Wikipedia Workshop 02.jpg
August 31, 2021, Camarines Sur National High School Brief information on the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Toolkit, Bikol Wikipedia and the Content Translator Tool Mr. Julius Bulahan has shared about core topics of Wikipedia and how teachers can utilize the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Toolkit among Filipino teachers of Camarines Sur National High School, including the possibility of creating their own articles and making simple contributions. Teachers are now more enthusiastic to be volunteer translators, editors, and content creators.


Guides distributed during the Philippine Climate Change Translate-a-thon
Origins of the #1Lib1Ref 2021 Participants
Phil. Climate Change Translate a thon 8.jpg
Event Name Project Duration Impact
Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos in the Philippines 2021 July - September 2021 There were 924 revisions created for 866 pages. 22 users have used the hashtag WPWPCB and it was used on 8 wikiprojects. See hashtag results here. 486 edits are done on incubator wiki, 208 for BCL Wikipedia which was the original target, 110 for Waray Wikipedia, 58 for Cebuano Wikipedia, 29 for BCL Wiktionary which is also under the target Language, and 4 on English Wikipedia.
Wiki para sa Karapatan Pantawo April - May 2021 83 articles were created, 215 articles edited, 685 total edits, 104 revisions on 58 pages based on hashtag tracker tool, 176 images and 2706 contributions of metadata on ISA tool
1lib1ref in the Philippines May 2021 88 event registrations, +50 Zoom attendees, +100 online viewers, 13 new editors, 5 experienced Wikimedians, 109 articles edited, 52 references
Art + Feminism in the Philippines Campaign 2021 March - May 22, 2021 14 registered editors, 8 participating artists, 498 articles created, and five (5) interviews conducted.
Philippines Climate Change Translate-a-thon January - March 2021 19 participants, 51 articles created, 53 articles edited, 220 total edits
Art and Feminism in the Philippines Edit-a-thon February - March 21, 2020 2 offline meet-ups, 2 online meetings, 18 participants, 8 new editors invited, 66 new articles created, 86 articles improved
Affiliations of Participants during the #1Lib1Ref Campaign in the Philippines

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Program Target Project Project Duration Impact
Hatch-A-Wiki Project Wikiquote (bcl), Wikiquote (tl) June 2021 - December 2021 There are 22 users that are tracked on the hashtag tool. 14 of these users are new editors. There are 1141 revisions and 791 pages tracked by the hashtag tracker tool.
Bikol Wiktionary Edit-a-thon Central Bikol Wiktionary August - December 2020 1800 words, 6 new editors, 10 existing editors, 2,547 total edits from 16 users, the Central Bikol Wiktionary was out of Incubator
Bikol Wiktionary Trainer's Training and Edit-a-thons Central Bikol Wiktionary November 16, 2019 - December 7, 2019 979 new entries, 22 editors invited, 6 meet-ups
Lingua Libre Training Central Bikol Wiktionary Year-round Added 577 recorded pronunciations to Bikol Wiksyunaryo entries
Spell4Wiki Central Bikol Wiktionary Year-round Added 444 recordings

Community Outreach[edit]

  • Public Good Library Partnership
On August 14, 2021, the volunteers of Public Good Library - Naga, Wiki Advocates Philippines, and PAGSIRANG INC. joined together in building a branch of Public Good Library in Caranan, Pasacao, Camarines Sur. Twenty (20) children of various ages were invited to take part on the launching of the library. In preparation for the upcoming school year, children were given school supplies, food packs, and gifts. Donors and volunteers from the different parts of the country made this activity more meaningful and fun especially for the children in Caranan, Pasacao, Camarines Sur. The newly-established library is open to the community of Pasacao.

Public Good Library and PAGSIRANG Inc. volunteers Public Good Library and PAGSIRANG Inc. volunteers Volunteers of Public Good Library read books to children Public Good Library Volunteers and the children of Pasacao Children of Pasacao

  • Let's Read Asia Partnership
On October 17, 2020, the Wiki Advocates Philippines in partnership with Let's Read Asia Foundation and PAGSIRANG INC. conducted a Let's Read Aloud Session in Pasacao, Camarines Sur. A small group of children from the Municipality of Pasacao was invited to a reading session. Materials used for this activity are the open-access storybooks of Let's Read Asia. Children were given school supplies and storybooks after the activity.

LetsReadAloud.jpg LetsReadAloud1.jpg LetsReadAloud2.jpg

  • PAGSIRANG INC. Partnership
As part of its outreach activities, PAGSIRANG INC. and Wiki Advocates Philippines and Atheist Republic Philippines, school supplies were distributed to 50 children residing in Caranan, Pasacao, Camarines Sur on December 19, 2020.

PagsirangGiftGiving.jpg PagsirangGiftGiving1.jpg PagsirangGiftGiving2.jpg PagsirangGiftGiving4.jpg