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WikiArabia 2019
                     Marrakesh, 4—6 October 2019
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This is the FAQ page of WikiArabia 2019 where you can ask questions and get them answered.

What is WikiArabia?[edit]

WikiArabia is a three days conference where participants from the Arab region expose their experiences and perspectives on Wikimedia projects in the Arab countries. The annual gathering of WikiArabia enthusiasts participating in many free and open projects, of which Wikipedia—the free encyclopedia is the largest.

What is WikiArabia 2019 in Marrakesh?[edit]

After three successful editions of WikiArabia, the fourth edition WikiArabia 2019 will be organized from 4th to 6th of October 2019 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

What is the main theme of WikiArabia 2019?[edit]

WikiArabia 2019 has as its main theme Wikimedia and the local communities. It will focus on fostering cooperation between the various actors of the movement, as well as knowledge sharing, strategic discussions and community building, among others.


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Useful numbers[edit]

  • Moroccan Police: 19, 190
  • Moroccan Police Emergencies: 112
  • Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie: 17, 177
  • Ambulance/Fire Service: 15, 150

Where can I find the materials & photos?[edit]

Where can I information about scholarships?[edit]

The information about scholarships application were published here.