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Submission no. مداخلة رقم
Title of the submission عنوان المداخلة

One Week, One Country!

Author(s) of the submission صاحب المداخلة

Youssef Ben Haj Yahia - يوسف بن الحاج يحي

Username اسم المستخدم


E-mail address البريد الإلكتروني

Country of origin بلد الأصلي

Tunisia - تونس

Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc. .الانتماء، إن كان (مجموعة، مؤسسة الخ

Wikimedia TN User Group - مجموعة تونس

Type of session نوع الجلسة

Lightning talk

Language of session لغة الجلسة


Length of session مدة الجلسة

5 to 10 minutes

Theme of presentation موضوع الجلسة

Wikipedia - ويكيبيديا

Abstract ملخص

The goal is to encourage the communities in the MENA region is to write more about other Arabic countries. We aim to dedicate one week each time and call “X Country Week”.

For example we take “Morocco Week”. What we are looking for here is to celebrate this country and try to add as much information about it as we can. Other Arabic communities are encouraged during this week to create, translate, and improve contents about this country.

On the other hand, the local community member are required to send their suggestions on what they think other communities should work on.

By the end of the week, many articles would be created, improved, and translated about this country. In addition, members from others communities will extend the knowledge about the culture of Morocco. It's a win a win deal.

What will attendees take away from this session? ماذا سيستفيد الحضور من هذه الجلسة؟

Attendees will learn more about this idea, and it will be an opportunity to start disscussing the future of this proposition and how to make it a successful one. This will also extend the knowledge of Wikimedians about the culture of other communities.

Will you attend WikiArabia if your submission is not accepted? هل ستحضر لويكي عربية إذا لم يتم قبول مداخلتك؟

Depending on scholarship / حسب توفر المنحة

Special requests طلبات خاصة
Is this Submission a Draft or Final? هل هذا الطلب مسودة أم نهائي؟

Final / نهائي

Interested attendees مهتمون بالحضور[edit]

If you are interested in attending this session, please sign with your username below. This will help reviewers to decide which sessions are of high interest.

إذا كنت مهتمًا بحضور هذه الجلسة، فرجاءا قم بإضافة اسم المستخدم أدناه. سيساعد هذا المراجعين على تحديد ما هي الجلسات ذات الاهتمام الكبير

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