WikiArabia 2019/Program/The Role of Wikipedia in the light of Current Global and Regional Crises

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Submission no.1
Title of the submission عنوان المداخلة

The Role of Wikipedia in the light of Current Global and Regional Crises

Author(s) of the submission

Rahil Nasser



E-mail address

Country of origin: Syria

Type of session: Talk
Language of session : English/Arabic
Length of session

20 - 30 Min

Theme of presentation:
In this talk, I will shed the light mainly on the role that Wikipedia has been taken during different crises. The talk would start with a brief introduction about the huge impact of crises like wars in the arab world and how that affected each individual. The talk would mention many living examples that support that idea.

Wars, natural disasters, mass migration, refugee crisis, lack of formal education, are all very realistic examples we encounter every day either in real life or in the media. People who have been damaged and affected by such crises usually tend to lose their basic rights of learning and contributing to their communities. And here comes the role of Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia has been culminating free and integrated knowledge, this talk comes to reinforce the effective role of Wikipedia on all the damaged people by the wars the Syrian crisis as a case study here. It also includes the importance of spreading the culture of volunteerism even in the cases that are mentioned above, a personal example of my experience in Wikipedia as a user first and now as a volunteer is included.
What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Attendees are expected to know how the different types of crises that have been going both in the Arab world specifically and the globe generally affect learners , examples are included.
  2. To broaden their knowledge about the current Syrian crisis from different angles and perspectives, specifically when it comes to the educational process and refugee crisis.
  3. To know the effective role Wikipedia has been taking in the local community in Syria, and to further discuss some ways to deepen the collaboration of the Syrian community in Wikipedia.
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  1. I am VERY interested in this: Greece has been under a suffocating financial crisis, and also there are lots of Syrian refugees in my country. I would like to learn more from the point of view of the Arab world, and how we can work together using the WM projects to mitigate the effects of these crises --Saintfevrier (talk) 21:52, 28 November 2018 (UTC)