WikiArabia 2019/Program/Wikimedia experiences in the Canary Islands and its local culture in the Wikimedia projects

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Wikimedia experiences in the Canary Islands and its local culture in the Wikimedia projects

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Iván Hernández Cazorla, Helena Cardoso Lopez, José Ignacio Aguiar

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Ivanhercaz, Santamarcanda, Joseignaciolp

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Canary Islands, Spain

Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc. .الانتماء، إن كان (مجموعة، مؤسسة الخ

Wikimedia España (Ivanhercaz and Santamarcanda), Museo Castillo de Mata (Joseignaciolp)

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English or Spanish

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30 min.

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Wikimedia experiences in the Canary Islands and its local culture in the Wikimedia projects

Abstract ملخص

Canary Islands are an archipelago known for being a place of transit and cultural exchange. Historically the Canary Islands have been visited by people of different cultures. The first people that live in the islands were from North Africa (Berber/Amazigh) and many people write about them in the Ancient period. Then, with the rediscovery of the archipelago, the islands were visited by many peoples (Genovesi, Portuguese, Castilians...) and they used it as support platform for the international navigation, mainly to America and Africa. The Canary Islands are known for being part of the Triangular trade, what made it being involved in the migrations, forced and not forced, of people from many places.

This produce in the Canary Islands a cultural fusion due the archipelago is in Africa, with whom it shares many history, as the first settlements and the berber/amazigh pirates and corsairs. The relations with America are strong too due to the migration of people from the archipelago and another places. For that context in which the archipelago is located it has a rich culture influenced by many other cultures.

We are trying to encourage the institutions to value all this cultural heritage in all its forms and to produce open knowledge about it in the Wikimedia projects. We have organized different events with different institutions for that, but the most of the times we tried to organize something we have many problems due the real interests of these institutions (tourism, promotion without quality of the knowledge…).

So the first part of the talk will be centered in how many cultural heritage we have in common with the African world, specifically with the Berber/Amazigh world, and the second part will be centered in how we are working to develop the local culture of the archipelago in the Wikimedia projects.

What will attendees take away from this session? ماذا سيستفيد الحضور من هذه الجلسة؟
  1. Who we are and what we are doing to spread the local culture of the Canary Islands.
    1. In what projects we are and were working.
    2. How the projects has been received by the society and the institutions.
    3. Problems found at the time to spread the open knowledge.
  2. What history and cultural heritage we have in common and how we can work together to improve it in our languages.
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