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Name-Ideas for this Project-Proposal[edit]

  • WikiCategory
  • WikiLink
  • WikiCategoryNet
  • WikiInternet
  • WikiCategoryLink

What already exists[edit]

Wikimedia now has books, dicitionarys, wikipedia and much more. I'd like to suggest one whole new aspect:

The Proposal[edit]

Why don't add a Link-Directory, sorted by Category (like yahoo has), but where everybody may add his own site to one or more categories he/she thinks it belongs.

I know, link-lists are not new, but with the acceptance of the wikimedia foundation this could become the first global directory of all ;-) And the difference to sth. like yahoo is that everybody may create categories and add links himself!

Implementation ideas[edit]

Sure this would need some new kind of software with sth. like the following features:

- Add link to category, maybe give short title (max. 255 chars)

- create new category

- all links of one leaf-category should be displayed in random order

- add rating to page-quality, this of course should affect the order of display

- add rating like 'category fits', 'suggest category xxx for this page', 'category of this page is wrong for me'

- links should be findable in different categories

- automatically shift links to suggested categories if some rating-barriers are reached (like 50% said 'wrong category' and 60% suggested the same other category)

- maybe add special-registration-categories (or sth. like adult-prove) for exotic links

- all the other features wikipedia already offers, like ip-ban, remove all submits from ip xxx/user xxx, etc.

- automatically generate index-links like [A B C D ... Z] where more than say 50 sub-categories or links exist

- always display complete category-path sb. just entered on top of page


Car->Company->Mercedes->SL-250-> .. href://xxx sth. about SL-250

Company->more than 50.000 employees->Germany->Automobile->Mercedes->SL-250-> .. href://xxx same like above

.. and so on..


The clue about all of this is that there is not only one way of finding what you want but lots.

Idea from[edit]

Kechel 17:50, 8 November 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]