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WikiCite 2016/Proposals/Citoid integration for Wikidata

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Adding references on Wikidata is currently tedious and therefore, perhaps out of laziness, some Wikidata editors might skip this when adding statements.

Meanwhile, on Wikipedia, with citoid and the cite tool in the VisualEditor, it is very easy now to add references. If you have a url for a source (e.g. a NY Times article), then paste that into the input and other parameters (e.g. author, publication date) are automatically filled in. It is also easy to re-use references in Wikipedia articles.

It should be possible to add similar integration with Citoid on Wikidata, to make it easy to add references.



I already started on this (work on creating a gadget) at the Wikimedia Hackathon in Jerusalem and would like to continue work on this.

  • The gadget supports automatically populating the title of the news article, after giving the url as input.
  • For populating the publication, we could lookup the Wikidata item (via query service or maybe via ElasticSearch) of the publication using the ISSN provided by citoid. The publication date needs to be translated into Wikibase format, and a solution is needed for handling the author and other parts of the reference.
  • In the backend, the citoid api supports providing references in multiple formats (e.g. "mediawiki format"). Perhaps, a Wikibase format could be added there and the gadget / tool could use it.



Only have some code, which can be tried in user's common.js with mw.loader.load( 'https://rawgit.com/filbertkm/wikidata-refs/master/refs.js' );

Skills needed

  • experience with OOUI
  • experience with Citoid backend / api

Also, making more citoid translators would also generally be helpful for this (and for adding references on Wikipedia)

Phabricator task


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#wikidataconnect to work on this proposal