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WIkidata has a CC0 License. Adding authoritative data sources to Wikidata requires theirs license to be compatible with this. It is not always obvious what license is applicable. A property license exists, so making Wikidata a central hub on information on which license applies to which data source, is straightforward. Wikidata already lists various biological databases. Recently, we noticed that only 2 databases had license statement added [1]. In a concerted effort on social media we were able to get the number to 23 [2]. Also data owners correct incorrect statements on the matter. [3]


The aim would be to do a small crowd source experiment at Wikicite to add more licensing statement to items on databases or journals. How complete can we during one event? Below is a list of resource listing Biological databases.


  • Query to extract Biological databases and their applicable license:

Skills needed[edit]

  • Editing Wikidata items/statements

Phabricator task[edit]

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See also[edit]

  • SPARQL query to list biological databases and applicable licenses [4]
  • [5]
  • NAR Database Summary Paper Alphabetic List [6]
  • MIRIAM Registry [7]