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WikiCite 2016/Proposals/Scientific data and bibliographic references

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Data may be associated with scientific articles. We can record metadata (bibliographic information) about the scientific article, but what about the scientific data or its metadata? Should this be recorded in Wikidata? If yes, then how? And how do we get the (meta)data into Wikidata?

Neuroimaging publications may form a interesting starting point. There are fairly open databases: Neurosynth, OpenfMRI, NeuroVault and International Brain Volume Database (IBVD). These four online databases present their data with resolvable URLs, so individual Wikidata items describing scientific articles can make deep links, see, e.g., https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/User:Fnielsen/Autolists/OpenfMRI . For the IBVD the data is of such a nature that it could be relevant to store some of the (similar) information in Wikidata, see an attempt here https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q17141282

Once we have the (meta)data in Wikidata what can we then do that is relevant? Infographics? Meta-analysis?


  1. Discuss and determine the scope and the kind of scientific data that would be nice to have in Wikidata.
  2. Discuss and determine which "item types", properties, qualifiers and Wikidata facilities/tools are relevant and needed.
  3. Develop tools:
    1. Scrapers/API-converters to Wikidata.
    2. Presentation of scientific data in Wikidata beyond Listeria and WDQS.
    3. Author name resolver: Converter from short author name to (item) author



Skills needed

  1. Knowledge of types of scientific data
  2. Wikidata structure and tools
  3. SPARQL on https://query.wikidata.org
  4. Programming
  5. Outreach to WikiProjects.

Phabricator task