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The WikiClassics User Group was recognized as a Wikimedia user group on May 9, 2019. This report outlines our accomplishments and activities between 15th July 2022 and 31st of July 2023.

Written by User:Alexmar983, User:Jahl de Vautban with contribution from User:Mizardellorsa


The group is under change, a new main contact was approved (see here)

Social media, communication and outreach[edit]

  • The standard trifecta (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) is completed and has been active with coordinated post.
  • Because of this three-level coordination, their usage was affected during late spring due to the implementation of new policies by Twitter aimed at curbing misuse of multiple accounts. As a result of these policy changes, the functionality of our Twitter account was temporarily reduced, leading to a decrease in posting on all three social media channels as a result. We wanted to avoid creating a partial gap in our posting schedule, so we decided to slow down posting across all channels during this period.

Starting for this report, we monitor also the metrics. The platforms are listed in order of creation.

Social Media Followers
Social Media Accounts Number of Followers
Twitter 562
Facebook Page 5
Instagram 107

Third parties[edit]

  • Lesson with the Wiki World Heritage User Groupuser group about cultural heritage, in August 2022.

Content-related activities[edit]


Please notice that two IDs marked as TBD for the Epigraphy Project last year were finalized, this is not quick but it is a constant pace aimed to establish a robust coverage on the long term.

  • As of the 30/07, 50305 articles of the Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft, the standard reference work for Antiquity, are created on Wikidata, of which 11870 have a subject, a coverage of roughly 23,60%

French Wikisource[edit]

Latin Wikisource[edit]

  • Patrologia latina of Migne uploaded up to tome 111.
  • Atti pontifici, first decades of the 19th century.

Group and WMF activities[edit]

The group currently involves 40 users.

Our involvement in WMF activities is partial, mostly because we have to optimize regular meetings to deliver a meaningful feedback. We attended a Wikisummit on line, we attended every activities where an output was requested but we did not cast a vote for the WMF Board. This was mostly as an act of correctness of the main contact, who as a previous facilitator of the ABSBS2019 did not see a vote by a small UG as too meaningful without a structured discussion.


  • This report was drafted at the beginning on June, it was shared on the meta talk page as a draft on July,30th for comments, it was approved on July, 31st.
  • It was linked on social media on July, 31st : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Mail sent to the Wikimedia-l mailing list on July, 31st