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16:06, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
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Digitizing a Book using DjVu

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Manoj.K (username:Manojk)

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India, Kerala, Thrissur

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Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (

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DjVu is a open file format which used to easy digitizing in english wikisource. Unfortunately there is no good OCR support for Indian Languages. It's need to type the text manually. but we can use that djvu indexing method for effective collaborative digitizing task. In indian wikisources This technique is not effectively using. We started using that in Malayalam wikisource. I like to share the steps what we are doing.

Presentation Covers: Creating a DjVu file, Conversion (Windows, Linux),DjVu to text, Wikisource indexing, Page categorizing, Proofreading, Formatting, Displaying in wiki, status indicator, How to track a collaboration project.

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