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18:18, 28 August 2011 (UTC)
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Expanding the Bengali Wikipedia

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Sucheta Ghoshal

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Paschim Banga

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Wikipedia is the place where knowledge meets people and people meet knowledge. Now this process cannot go on without a habit of expanding this book of knowledge to more Indian languages. Though the initiative has already been taken, there is a lack of maintenance. This is a fact that I found while going through the Bengali version of Wikipedia. I was completely taken aback, when I came to know that there are only 195 active users in Bengali Wikipedia! This is quite unacceptable as Bengali language have 230M native speakers.

I did a bit of research on this very fact, and this is what I found out:
Languages Native Speakers in Million Articles Active Users Articles vis-à-vis Native Speakers Active Users vis-à-vis Articles
Standard Chinese 845 370922 5,904 0.0439% 1.592%
English 328 3,716,942 144017 11.3321% 3.875%
German 120 1,276,538 22,951 1.0638% 1.798%
Bengali 230 22,313 195 0.0097% 0.874%

A language which has 230 million native speakers only 0.0097% is the percentage of articles in Wikipedia against the number. This is a miserable figure and needs a lot of things to be done. Honestly what I want to do is to act as a mediator and my modest effort will be to bring Wikipedia into the realm of Bengali intellect. My scheme is to target 2 to 3 individuals who I feel could be ideal contributors – in Bengali - on subjects related to ethno-culture especially Bengali ethos and technology in general. They are professionals and have a repository of knowledge. I would orient them on some basic things like inputting in Unicode and would seriously work with them to contribute on specific subjects.

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Will you attend Wikiconference if your submission is not accepted?
Yes, I will.I want to have a first hand account of the deliberations in the conference.