WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/Kerala Sarvavijnanakosham and Malayalam Wikipedia

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14:53, 29 August 2011 (UTC)
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Kerala Sarvavijnanakosham and Malayalam Wikipedia

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This is a presentation about the Malayalam Wiki project/Sarvavijnanakosham.

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Kerala, residing at Bangalore

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No affiliation with Wikimedia foundation. I am only a user, editor of Wikipedia also a working professional.

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This story is about an effort to increase the content of the Malayalam Wikipedia where the community is successful in getting the content from the Kerala Government officially published Encyclopedia called as SarvavijnanaKosham. In 2008, Kerala government Education minister announced about giving the content of SarvavijnanaKosham to Malayalam Wikipedia. The SarvavijnanaKosham contains nearly 21 volumes, each with ~1600 article; out of which four volumes are published online. The license of the website content is changed to GNU Free Documentation License 1.2. Malayalam wikipedian a groups 7 users started transferring the content from the website to Malayalam Wikipedia. Under the project while transferring the content the users make sure that it wikified, possible images added, interwiki given etc. This presentation is about the idea behind getting the content, the project coordination, current status and future of this project. This project is one of the motivating project and rich in content where we are getting the article content which are written by subject matter expert in SarvavijnanaKosham for last 70 years.

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With or without, I want to be part of Wikiconference India. This is one of the platform where I can get to know about the Indic users, editors across the county. Also it is a very good platform to increase the interaction between the wiki editors.

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