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05:15, 29 August 2011 (UTC)
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People's Science Movements and Wikipedia

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Sivahari Nandakumar --Sivahari 05:15, 29 August 2011 (UTC)[reply]

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Wikipedia's aim to make knowledge free and available to every one irrespective of people's race, economical backgrounds etc. is very much related to the aim of different people's science movements(PSM) in India. People's science movements aims democratization and Popularization of science and scientific outlook among the people. People's science movements can help wikipedia for it's popularization. Kerala Shastra Sahithya Parishad's (KSSP) and it's activists contribution as content to wikipedia, popularization of wikipedia and organizing wiki events is a good example for this. All other people's science movements like Tamil Nadu Science Forum , Bharath Gyan Vigan samithi (BGVS), All India People's Science Network (AIPSN) can also be encouraged for this. People's Science Movements like KSSP, BVGS, AIPSN etc has their roots in almost all kind of people having academic and practical knowledge in different branches of science. So PSM activists can contribute to variety of scientific content to wikipedia.

One of activity conducted by PSMs all over India is Literacy Activities for rural people. As a second phase of this activity PSMs and the Government of India can work together for Computer/Internet literacy. As part of this local language wikipedias can be familiarized to those people. They can contribute local informations about LSGIs, local schools, local festivals etc. to wikipedia. Also the wikipedia, knowledge in free license, free of cost and in local language can also be used in literacy activities. Literacy activities using wikipedia will be much cost effective, enhance widespread of knowledge and create sharing mentality in people.

Making science and knowledge available for common people in mother tongue is very important. Knowledge in English and in other languages other than mother tongue will only make the rural people illiterate. This unavailability of Science and Knowledge lead people to superstitions and irrational beliefs. In Kerala KSSP sells scientific books worth 1.5 Crore Rupees in Malayalam. But the situation in different in other states. Due to Economical problems of both people and PSMs this is not practical in other states of India. Local language wikipedia can act as a substitute here. At the same time the contents in Indian languages wikipedias are limited. This also has to be developed.

One of the bigger challenge faced by PSMs to popularize sceince in Indian Villages is the deficiency of Human Resource and Activists. This also can be solved to a larger extent by the local language Wikipedia.

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