WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/Use of Wikipedia and other knowledge platforms; towards a collaborative media model

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10:52, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
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Use of Wikipedia and other knowledge platforms; towards a collaborative media model

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Kerala, India

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St Joseph College of Communication

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         Use of Wikipedia and other knowledge platforms; towards a collaborative media model

This paper intends to probe the use pattern of the Wikipedia and the allied open knowledge platforms in the present student community. The selection of student community is because they form the larger user base in the user spectrum. This paper will also look into the collaborative prospects of this new media platform with the mainstream media includes Radio, TV and Newspaper etc. This paper has its placing in the notion that the true challenge in popularizing this knowledge movement is from the existing popular media which enjoys wide acceptance and reader/viewer/listenership among the community. So the paper plans to analyze the response from the student’s community through a comprehensive survey. As the target sample community is from Kerala, a state with commendable educational and political progress, the study would generate a collaborative model through which wiki platforms could be expanded even to the large offline community existing in the state. Since, the issues discussed and practiced in this new media ventures are coming as part of the global anti-monopolistic drive, for an expansion in the outreach, the concept of liberation of knowledge and the democratization of info- sphere needs much more focus. So here through this paper I am planning to conceptualize a common platform for inter-media sharing and trying to evolve basements for an effective strategy to popularize the knowledge sphere even to the off-line community.

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I will attend the conference even if my proposal is not selected. I have applied for partial scholarship for the event. I would like to participate in the conference as i see this as a golden opportunity to take part in the futuristic discussions on knowledge and technology

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