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18:13, 13 August 2011 (UTC)
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Grishma Jena

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My proposal of the Outreach track has students of schools and colleges as the target audience. I wish to suggest strategies and projects which will further the involvement of youngsters in Wikipedia and its sister projects; hence the name ‘WikiYoung’. India is a young country and the youth is an invaluable resource. It has immense potential to stir up change for the good and bring forth progress in various fields.

The proposal intends to link the Wiki projects with Indian schools and universities. It aims to spread awareness amongst the students and engage them in contributing to Wikipedia. Projects similar to the Wikipedia Campus Ambassador programs and Wikipedia Academies can be established. They can be made part of the school/college curriculum and students can be awarded credit for the same. Teachers and officials of the institutions can also be encouraged to join.

Inter-institutional activities like intellectual discussions, debates, quizzes, etc. can be arranged which would foster understanding amongst the institutions and provide platforms for students to learn and grow.

‘WikiYoung’ aims to develop a community of youngsters which are bursting with innovative ideas and have the desire and passion to work with the Wiki Community. ‘WikiYoung’ wants to harness their talent for the expansion of the Wiki resources and the progress of society at large.

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