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11:40, 17 August 2011 (UTC)
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Syed Mustafa Hussain
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Andhra Pradesh
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Imam Mahdi Centre for Student Development, Hyderabad.
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Open schooling, as an alternative to paid, confined and pre-defined education, offers an easily affordable choice of broad-based learning objectives, ease of creating and sharing teaching/learning resources and comprehensive evaluation of a student's local and global impact by exploration and innovation. Enabled through and integrated with Wiki technologies, Wiki Open School can be the largest open learning environment for every citizen in the world. A virtual self-sustaining space that allows both teachers and learners to create and share without boundaries and provide substantial boost to human urge for knowledge. A learner for life can, then truly, be a reality.

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Will you attend Wikiconference if your submission is not accepted?
No, though I may like to follow it up.
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