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WikiConference India 2011/Submissions/Wiki leading learning tool

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13:51, 14 August 2011 (UTC)
Title of the submission
Wikipedia_leading learning tool
Type of submission (workshop, tutorial, or presentation)
Author of the submission
Pooja Agrawal
E-mail address or username (if username, please confirm email address in Special:Preferences)
State of your origin (Country, if you are not based in India)
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Affiliation, if any (organization, company etc.)
student in JSS Academy Of Technical Education
Personal homepage or blog
Abstract (maximum 500 words)
For everything i look there is wiki to answer still it lacks certain features to take the lead as a learning tool. I believe wiki can become a leading_learning_tool by the inclusion of certain enhancements. It can include step-wise tutorials teaching languages, techniques, technologies and so on. Every topic can be included in the form of tutorials in different languages to make it globally understandable. It can allow users to submit tutorials to make the task easy. Then for every problem there will be "WIKI_SOLUTION".
Track (Community/Knowledge/Outreach/Technology)
Call for participation Technology
Will you attend Wikiconference if your submission is not accepted?
Slides or further information (optional)