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15:44, 30 August 2011 (UTC)
Title of the submission

Wikipedia India Education Program - Pune Pilot : Roundtable

Type of submission (workshop, tutorial, or presentation)

Facilitated Roundtable of Students, Teachers and Campus Ambassadors

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User: Hmundol

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hisham at wikimedia dot org

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Delhi, India

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Wikimedia Foundation

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Abstract (maximum 500 words)

This session seeks to provide a very engaging way of bringing the Wikipedia India Education Program pilot in Pune. Through a facilitated roundtable, it is sought to give insights and learnings from the pilot. The participants of the rountable will be participating students, teachers and Campus Ambassadors.

It will be an honest and human way of reviewing the program - what's going right, what can be improved and lessons learned. There are more than 1000 participating students and it'll be really useful if we can get a rich picture from the pilot.

The key aspects that are likely to be covered are

  • What was the motivation to participate?
  • How was the training? Was it adequate? What could be improved?
  • What was the experience of the first edit? What doubts did they have? Where these doubts cleared? Who and how were they cleared?
  • What lessons can we learn?

Comments and questions will be invited from the audiences

Track (Community/Knowledge/Outreach/Technology)

Community / Outreach

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Please see WP:INDIAEDU