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18:48, 25 August 2011 (UTC)
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Wiki rural centers
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Manjusha Appari
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Andhra Pradesh ,INDIA
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The Basic motive of wikipedia : to spread knowledge??? WRONG !! I rather say to spread knowledge among those who own computers.What about the 72.2% of the indian population living in villages who rarely might have seen a computer.I propose a concept called 'Wiki Rural Centers'[WRC] to be established per village which is basically a room equipped with a PC connected to internet and a translator who can browse through wikipedia ,& most importantly he should be able to communicate with the local people in the regional language.It will be the knowledge bank to the people of the village in which they may be able to find solutions to a myriad of problems like 'Which Fertiliser suits My crop?Precautions to be taken while undergoing natural birth?Employment solutionsFundamental' and many more .These centers are mainly aimed at curbing the ignorance of rural people and making them self dependent.This idea has struck me when i went for a trip to my hometown razole in Andhra Pradesh i realised that there was only one net centre for the entire village .Under such circumstances 'Wikipedia' has no relevance and to reach the essence of 'Wikipedia' to a majority of Indians i felt establishing WRC's is a plausible idea !

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Will you attend Wikiconference if your submission is rejected
I would Love to attend but cannot since i would be granted permission to attend the conference by my parents only if my submission is selected !!
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