WikiConference India 2016/Report/ଶିତିକଣ୍ଠ ଦାଶ

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Welcome back from WikiConference India 2016!


ଶିତିକଣ୍ଠ ଦାଶ (Shitikantha Dash)


Option 1: Shared Experience:
  • I am going to write a blog.
Option 2: Learning Pattern:...
Option 3: New Creation:
  • Trying to create a bot for OCR using google API.


Met Info-farmer (Tamil Wikipedian) and Nachhatar Singh Dhamu (Punjabi Wikipedian). We'd met earlier. Other important people, I'd met at WCI are Tsrinivasan (Who wxplained me about google API and its usage for OCR), Jayant Nath (our discussion about Wikisource) and Nichalkaran (discussion about Google AppScript and its usage for wiktionary). Thanks to all.

Anything else[edit]