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Welcome back from WikiConference India 2016!





This one is going to be a mix of shared experience and something fresh created, so let me put it both here.

Shared Experience[edit]

Meeting other Wikimedians was a great time, as I am more or less not connected with any non-tech communities. Special Thanks to Ravi for getting me a meetup with the ED, Katherine Maher, which was just amazing. I could fix couple of issues faced by Nepali and Sanskrit Wikimedians, and even write up some piece of code that would save effort for them.

I gave a talk on day 1 - - which kind of never got the targetted audience age group present though :)

New Creations[edit]

I was mostly in the Hackathon area, helping out Santhosh in running in the Hcakthon, and along with the GSoC 2016 student AbdealiJK, we built an extension which can show up Desktop Notifications for Wiki events like edits. It streams in data from which makes it less bugging on the MW host. The project was showcased at the end of the Hackathon, and you can find the writeup here -


I gave a talk on day 1 - - almost 10 - 15 attended, but from not the age group I was expecting. I had mentioned the same in the program page, but maybe it was bit difficult for people to reach out there in time, as it was one of the very first talk in some remote building. Anyway, I could use the rest of the time to spread about GSoC and Outreachy to other eligible participants out there, so this was great.

Just to mention, was written in between for a Wikimedian, who was doing this manually.

Anything else[edit]

Link to slides -

I think there should be more communication between developers and users in such conferences. Thank you for inviting!