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Welcome back from WikiConference India 2016!


Jayanta Nath

Bengali wikimedia community/Indic wikimedia comunity


Google OCR workshop[edit]

Content Translation[edit]

Bengali Wikimedia Meetup (two nations India & Bangladesh)[edit]


  1. Tshrini
  2. odia wikipedian
  3. Runa
  4. Karthic Mistry
  5. Vishwaprava
  6. Manoj
  7. Jim carter
  8. Mourya

Anything else[edit]

Very Bad Experience compare with compare with any Wikimedia gathering I ever met.I have something to share as feedback.

  • First of all Wikimedia Foundation need data/content. Why WMF bother who is donate it? Either male or female. This is very bad concept accepted by WMF. Gender Gap. I am against it.
  • Everyone should be considered as equal, whether they are volunteers or WMF staff. There shouldn't be a different table for specific people. In an open culture giving preference to specific people is not good. I personally felt bad after checking evaluating the difference between Wikimania and WCi. In Wikimania, everyone is like the same but here you will find chairs for specific people or ranks.So Punjabi Community need to learn wiki-culture.
  • Food should not be denied to male participants from a specific buffet. We are talking about equality rather than feminism (I am not a victim but sharing experience from other peoples' feedback).
  • I am totally againt the hosting at CGC . They have no idea what is wiki-culture.
  • A big thank to Punjabi Wikimedia Team and volunteers. But I want to mention here , this conference not organized by them, its by CGC. Sorry Satdeep and his team.