WikiConference India 2016/Report/Sandaru

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Welcome back from WikiConference India 2016!





In WCI 2016 Hackathon, we created the app "WikiSpeak". The other three developers developed the web version of the application while I with a help of a friend (Remote help. He was not present at the venue.)created the Android version of the app.

The functionality of the app is as follows:

  1. You can type the article name of the Wikipedia article.
  2. Click Search button
  3. The text from the Wikipedia article related to the name you entered will appear on the screen.
  4. Once you click the speaker button, the app will start narrating the article.
  5. You can click the stop button to stop the narration.

The source code of the mobile version of the app will be available at : WikiSpeak source code


Got the chance to meet Wikimedia developers, Wikimedia commons contributors among the participants. Was lucky to have a discussion with Katherine Maher about the regional spread of Wikimedia and what can be done to develop them. I was also a part of Wikimedia SAARC group which will continue to increase the community bonding and colloboration of SAARC communities.

Anything else[edit]

Because of a delay of my visa my transport arrangements has to be booked at the last minute. The organizers were able to do it in a really short time. So Cudos for that. But the accomodation provided is really bad. They have informed earlier that they will be providing the accomodation in hostels but never thought that it will be this bad.

Overall hospitality apart from accomodation is good. The guys and girls who has volunteered from the collage had really made an effort to make us comfortable with the surrounding.