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Catalytic Converter - A Review

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Catalytic Converter, more commonly known as 'catcon', has proven to be one of the most efficient vehicle emission control devices for the past three decades. They have succeeded in substantially reducing global vehicular emissions, noticeably after their widespread introduction in the United States automobile market in the 1970's.. This paper details pollutant specific modifications that can be made in the wash coat and discuses its advantages when compared to previous designs. The following section discusses the problems that can impede the working of a catalytic converter or cause damage to it and the method by which they can be averted. The next section discusses the different materials used for construction of mesh, outer body and the influences they have on the functioning of the catalytic converter. The last section reviews ongoing research in this field including development of more sophisticated` wash coat containing Au or different chemical compositions, along with advanced catalytic converter so as to meet stricter emission standards and address the issue of Carbon dioxide emission as well. The focus of this review paper is on factors the influence that conversion efficiency, construction materials of various components and new developments in the catalytic converter and its components


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