WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/How Projects can unite & shape communities

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How Projects can unite & shape communities

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Presentation followed by Q&A (20 minutes, morning session preferred)

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Wiki Loves Food was just a normal Photo uploading competition organized by Wikimedia India, but the steps taken while planning & execution of this event had massive tremendous positive effects on the Indian community which the Indian chapter did not anticipate. By just Inviting the community to plan & organize this event brought cohesion in the community which was never seen before..

  • When you take a similar competition like Wiki Loves Earth India 2016, but execute it in a different way, how this event can give a specific community something new to learn & grow organically.
  • Planning and executing any major project in any community should not only be impactful to Wikimedia & its sister projects, but it also impacts the community and its future.