WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/QRCode as a Souvenir for Socio-Economic Impact around Art, History & Culture

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QRCode as a Souvenir for Socio-Economic Impact around Art, History & Culture

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A small community built from scratch in the border district Bidar, Karnataka kicked off a QRPedia project in front of Bidar fort. This small group not only embraced the Open Knowledge project but the technology. The community started to write about the city, history, heritage and art in multiple languages, apart from that the there was an interesting experiment around QRPedia to be used as souvenir to help the Bidri art and artists to give a new opportunity to flourish. Organizations such as Rotary and government bodies took part in this project to make it a success. I shall share the experience and demonstrate the work done here in Karnataka around QRPedia.



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