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smart walking stick for visually impaired people

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                          From the very beginning of human history, people are suffering from many disabilities. Among those, blindness is very common and unendurable. Due to increasing volume of traffic, it is difficult for even a normal person to cross roads safely. Traffic signals regulated with zebra crossing in big cities provide assistance to pedestrian to cross the road safely and saves waiting time. Even walking on the foot path is a demanding effort for the blind people, in such a case making them to cross roads at traffic signal is still more a challenging task. Under this situation, how can we solve thismajor task?Science and technology always try to make human life easier. The main purpose of this project is based on abating the disabilities of blindness by designing a smart walking stick that can corroborate a blind to detect signalized roads (i.e. roads regulated by traffic signals) and make them to cross the road safely in crosswalk.This project would enable the blind people to cross the road safely on zebra crossing without any human support. The project is aimed to work under the standards of Delhi development authority’s unified traffic and transportation infrastructure center (UTTIPEC). 
                        While many intersections pose little difficulty, some intersection geometries and traffic conditions make it very difficult for persons with visual impairments to cross safely and independently. To overcome this circumstance, this project “smart walking stick” come forward to remove the curse of blindness and make them self-dependent to do their daily chores. In today’s life,visuallyimpaired people use white cane walking stick to cross roads. A smart walking stick is modelled to replace white cane walking stick and it helps the visually impaired people to cross zebra cross independently, which is fully automated, cheap and easy to use. The system doesnot use a sophisticated system rather than uses simple RF technology.The power consumption is also low and can be operated easily. Above all, the smart stick is very economical over the conventional ones. The resultof this product paves a wayto increase the safety and mobility of visually impaired as well as those persons who are both visually and hearing impaired, by providing them with standardized information, functionally equivalent tothat of provided to the other pedestrians.

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