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Understanding copyright

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Copyright – is more complex than one could ever think. Being a Wikipedian doesn’t necessarily mean that one would, by default, know what the standards of copyright are, what is intellectual property and how it relates to Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. One of the well known incident related to copyright was about the Monkey Selfie case. While Wikimedia Foundation rightly claimed that the selfie is in public domain, however, more than a half-million editor from around the globe would have been unaware of how it was exempted of copyright if not described to them. A session on how copyright is applied on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects is what currently been demanded by Wikimedia India community in a global conference. So that, like Wikimedia India community, other community coming from other parts of the world would know how Wikipedia copyright policies are related to the real world governing policies about copyright. In our session, we would describe fundamentals of Copyright, Exclusive rights, Berne convention, Copyleft, Creative Commons (CC0), Public Domain, Fair use, Copyfraud etc. And how all of them are related to Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. In our session we would also outline why it’s important to allow Freedom of panorama in countries (Belgium and France) which prohibits freedom of panorama and how amending such Intellectual property law and Intellectual rights in those countries will benefit Wikimedia Foundation and the readers of Wikipedia. We will also discuss and enlighten smaller communities on how to frame policies related to non-free content on their projects (Currently, in Just Indian language Wikipedias, including Punjabi Wikipedia, Urdu Wikipedia, Tulu Wikipedia etc. don’t have any policies related to non-free content). In short, a demonstration of every aspect of copyright related topics will be touched in the session. As you might have guessed, most people are aware of copyright but they are not 100% aware of how it’s applied on Wikipedia, it is a broad topic, and a session on this topic is really important.


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This is a late submission and although this cannot be considered by the committee, we would like you to take part in the session on copyrights that is already scheduled. Your participation and comments will be valuable.

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