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Wikipedia for Social Audit - Village and Town Articles

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--Prashant 2016 (talk) [[User:--Prashant 2016 (talk)|(Link)]]

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Talk using a PowerPoint, followed by Q&A.

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Wikipedia provides an excellent platform for citizens to build upon and create a reliable, widely referred information resource on their localities and notable social themes in which they have a stake. Notable themes like wage payments in rural employment guarantee work, pending forest rights claims, encroachment of real estate on river beds, privatization of public sea beaches, and availability of public toilet facilities for women can become topics of informative Wikipedia articles and serve as a cause of much needed social audit. However, people require some basic data on their locality to start with. I will talk about WikiFromCensus - the process we developed that makes it easy for a common person to take the first step towards contributing to Wikipedia. We can generate a base article offline for any village or town in India based on the data from Census of India 2011. These base articles are made available in any Indian language (Current examples are Marathi, Kannada, Konkani, Hindi and Tamil versions). Will walk through some examples of how communities have augmented these base articles with the most important information relevant to their lives today. I will talk about the workshops we conduct, the lessons learnt and how it can be taken to other communities. References



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