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WikiConference India 2023/Submissions/Submitted/Introduction of Doteli language and Wikipedia

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[Introduction of Doteli language and Wikipedia][edit]

Abstract/description of your session[edit]

  • This presentation will highlight the journey of Doteli Wikipedia, Doteli Wiktionary, and Doteli language. Doteli Wikipedia received its own domain(URL) in 2017 and Doteli Wiktionary is in incubation.

How does it connect with the WCI 2023 theme/focus[edit]

  • There was a lexical similarity between different languages spoken in Nepal as well as in India. This talk reflects well with the WCI theme of Strengthening the bonds between the two countries. I will share the journey of Doteli Wiki and learn from other Wikimedians about their experiences and best practices in the Wiki movement. This will be a great opportunity for me and my community to connect with other regional Wikimedians.

Speaker name/s or username/s[edit]


  • Doteli Community, Doteli Wikipedia, and Wiktionary

Contact details (optional)[edit]

  • janakbhattanp@gmail.com

Language of the session[edit]

  • English, Doteli, and Hindi etc

Session type[edit]

  • lightning talk (5 mins)

Session outcomes[edit]

  • The goal of this talk is to introduce the Doteli language and Doteli Wikipedia among the different communities.

Support required from organizers[edit]

Consent for recording[edit]

  • Yes