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WikiConference India 2023/Submissions/Submitted/Inuka team - Supporting equity for Wikimedia communities

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Inuka Team - Supporting equity for Wikimedia communities[edit]

Abstract/description of your session[edit]

In this session, Inuka team will share projects they are working on to deliver compelling experiences and raise the relevance of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia project content to readers (and contributors) in emerging markets

How does it connect with the WCI 2023 theme/focus[edit]

Inuka team's work focuses exclusively on communities and regions of recent digital growth.

Speaker name/s or username/s[edit]

Sudhanshu Gautam


Wikimedia Foundation.

Contact details (optional)[edit]

Sudhanshu Gautam

Language of the session[edit]


Session type[edit]

Panel discussion - 45 minutes

Session outcomes[edit]

At the end of the session, participants would have a detailed understanding of different projects by the Inuka team. They will also participate in discussing the needs & pain points of communities in different regions of recent digital growth.

Support required from organizers[edit]

Note-taking support, Audio/Video

Consent for recording[edit]