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WikiConference India 2023/Submissions/Submitted/Project Korikath: Bringing commons closer to our daily life

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Abstract/description of your session[edit]

  • The session will be about “Project Korikath” which is being founded maintained by some young Wikimedia volunteers from Bangladesh. I will discuss about our work process of maintain a commons based project with very limited recourses. I'll describe the analysis we're doing to identify the areas where photographs are deficient and conducting physical photowalk in Bangladesh to fill the content gap. I will try to give a overview of how we are attracting young people and utilizing their passion to enrich commons by uploading 1500+ images in just 4 months and aiming to upload more than 5000 images in the first phase. I'll discuss some of the things I've learned that discourage beginners from contributing to commons and how to fix them. I will share my thoughts on how enabling young people can make a major change in commons overnight.

How does it connect with the WCI 2023 theme/focus[edit]

  • Project Korikath aims at “connecting” general people to the wikimedia movement. The talk will help people connect their commons campaign ideas with our experience. Besides, we’ll also be able to learn a lot from the organizers working in the same field while connecting, strengthening the bonds with them.

Speaker name/s or username/s[edit]


Project Korikath COT

Contact details (optional)[edit]

  • wasi78045@gmail.com

Language of the session[edit]

English, Bengali

Session type[edit]


Session outcomes[edit]

  • People will learn how to plan, organize and evaluate a photography event with very limited resources.
  • People will learn how to make young non-wikimedia people interested in contributing to commons and the overall movement.
  • People will get familiar with different useful tools to use in commons.
  • People will learn to plan and organize offline photowalks.
  • People will get familiar with the image processing(Capture, edit and upload).
  • People will learn how to contribute in commons effectively
  • People will learn why a typical photo contest cannot fill the content gap fully in wikimedia commons.
  • People will learn how to treat with the newcomer to increase their spirit to contribute in commons.

Support required from organizers[edit]

Note-taking and technical maintenance.

Consent for recording[edit]

  • Yes