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WikiConference India 2023/Submissions/Submitted/Punjabi Audiobooks Project

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Punjabi Audiobooks Project[edit]

Abstract/description of your session[edit]

  • In this session We will talk about the Punjabi Audiobook Project. Which was run by Punjabi Community in 2019. The project was about creating audiobooks using Wikisource content.

How does it connect with the WCI 2023 theme/focus[edit]

  • This project was the first Punjabi Wiki project that run after Covid lockdown ended and it brought the community together to get involved in making Wiki content. We had 2 audio workshop under this project that gave the us the opportunity to meet in-person and use the time to create new type of content on Wiki.

Speaker name/s or username/s[edit]


  • Punjabi Wikimedians.

Contact details (optional)[edit]

Language of the session[edit]

  • English, Hindi, Punjabi.

Session type[edit]

  • talk (10-15 mins)

Session outcomes[edit]

  • At the end of the session, participants would learn the value of new generation content i.e Audiobooks and how one can run the same project in their Wiki.

Support required from organizers[edit]

  • Technical maintenance

Consent for recording[edit]

  • Yes