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Guest Speakers

Yuri Astrakhan.jpg

Yuri Astrakhan


A Senior Developer of Wikimedia Foundations. Two of his projects are Wikipedia Zero, MediaWiki API.
Vojtěch Dostál
(Czech Republic)
Czech Wikipedian and long-time Wikimedian, in civil life studying Molecular Biology for Master's degree. Member of Wikimedia Czech Republic and chief coordinator of Czech "Students Write Wikipedia" education program.
Vojtech D WMCZ.jpg
2011-08 Haifa Wikimania DSCF6641.jpg

Sebastian Wallroth


Wikipedian since 2003. Co-founder and board member of Wikimedia Deutschland. Sebastian Wallroth studied Civic Engineering and currently works for a Market Research Institiute as Technical Conslutant.
Prieur Benoît
Benoît is a contributor to French Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikinews Wikicommons projects. He is also a member of Wikimedia France. He has background in computer science and sociology.
Wikipedian in Ain.jpg
WikiConf 2011 Lviv - 26 cropped.jpg
Levon Azizyan
Ukrainian Wikipedia editor. Lawyer by profession. Lives in Kiev.
Viktor Semenyuk
Ukrainian Wikipedia edtior from Kiev.
WikiConf 2011 Lviv - 20 cropped.jpg
Crow joker.svg
Chaojoker is an administrator of Armenian Wikipedia since 2008. Who is s/he in real life? No one can tell.

Speakers from Armenia

Susanna Mkrtchyan
Better known as "Wiki Grandma". President of Wikimedia Armenia. Works at the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems. She holds a PhD in Technical Sciences.
Susanna Mkrtchyan-5085.jpg
Haykaz Avetisyan in Barcamp.png

Hayk Avetisyan

Has started editing Wikipedia about 2 years ago. He thinks that Wikipedia is supposed to be complete but simple and understandable to the reader. Edits mainly on astrology.
Vahagn Poghosyan
Co-founder and Chief engeneer of Instigate.
Վահագն Պողոսյան.jpeg
Lilit Tarkhanyan.JPG

Lilit Tarkhanyan

Lilith is a specialist of English and Spanish languages. One of her greatest interests is Wikipedia and Wiki projects. Started editing Wikipedia about 2 years ago.
Ruben Taroumian
Has graduated from State Engineering University of Armenia as an architect. Works as fonts and web designer, translator. He is the author of Arian AMU and other well known fonts.
Ռուբէն Թարումեան.JPG
Marat Yavrumyan.JPG

Marat Yavrumyan

Works at Yerevan State University as an assistant professor in the Department of Arabic. He is also a daily newspaper editor and is engaged in e-book publication, as "Yavruhrat."
Arman Musikyan
Arman is a programmer by profession. He likes art and is a prose-writer. Edits Wikipedia for already 1.5 years. Tries to make editions as much automatic as possible.
Arman Musikyan.jpg
Satenik Mnatsakanyan.jpeg

Satenik Mnatsakanyan

Senior specialist in Instigate company.
David Minasyan
David is the head of IT department of Anania Shirakatsi College. He is a mathematician by profession. He is also interested in programming, IT specialist.
Մինասյան Դավիթ.JPG
Wikimedia Conference 2013 portrait 018.JPG

Vachagan Gratian

In love with the internet and digital culture actually a citizen of Internet Republic։ Wikipedia is one of his hobby's. But now he is also board member of Wikimedia Armenia.
Mher Bekaryan
Edits for pleasure. Mher thinks that compulsion and Wikipedia are incompatible. In the main information it is written that he registered in Wikipedia on 2008 September 25. It is trustworthy.
Mher Bekaryan.JPG

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