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WikiCrafts would be a central knowledge base for arts and crafts related information.

The Need[edit]

There exist many independant websites providing tutorials, tips, and patterns for every craft imaginable. However, these sites are scattered, difficult to find, often poorly laid out, and not always free. WikiCrafts could eventually become the first place to turn to when looking for a new technique or idea.

For example, let's say I want to knit some socks. What if I don't know how to knit? Okay, I'll search for knitting tutorials. The first page I find may not necessarily have a link to techniques necessary to knit socks specifically, so I have to search again. Then, once I have mastered those specific techniques (i.e. knitting with double pointed needles), I have to search once more to find a pattern for socks. Lo and behold, the pattern I find is not free! Back to the search engine again.

You get the picture. The same concept applies to all crafts - the information is out there (for the most part), but it's very hard to find.


There is very little consistency between existing websites, or even books, on the subject of crafts. With all the information available in a single wiki, consistency in page layout, terminology, and pertinent information can be ensured. Requirements can be made as to the minimum information for a pattern/article on a certain subject; for example, a knitting pattern could require:

  • Guage
  • Amount of yarn needed
  • Needle size
  • Skills required
  • Photograph

And so on. Currently, not all patterns provide all this information, making it very difficult for a beginner to get their first sock right.

The Name[edit]

WikiCrafts doesn't sound very good, but it is fairly descriptive. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

Craftopedia? WikArtisans? WikiMake?


I am aware of the existing Wikibooks:How-tos bookshelf; however, I believe this is somewhat different from what I am looking for in a craft Wiki.

Please post any comments to the discussion page.