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work in progress

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WikiDonne was officially recognised by the Affiliations Committee on November 16th, 2016. During it's first year of life, the User Group worked to address the gender gap, both in content and participation.


  • December 1-31 is under preparation for 2 wikieditathons online Women in Aviation and Women in the Military along with WikiWomen.
  • From April and August to December 31, organized 2 wikieditathon online [[:: Project: WikiDonne / Events / Editathons / Women_Scientists | Women Scientists]] and Women in Philosophy along with WikiWomen.
  • December 8, in preparation for the BBC's' BBC 100 Women BBC 100 Women : WikiProject_Women_in_Red | WikiWomen]] took over the "International House of Women" in Rome.
  • 1-30 November, organized 1 wikieditathon online Women in Food And Drink together with WikiWomen.
  • October 1-31, organized 2 wikieditathons online [[:: Project: WikiDonne / Events / Editathons / Women_in_Architecture | Women in Architecture]] and [[: en: Project: WikiDonne / Events / Editathons / Women_in_Archaeology | ] along with WikiWomen.
  • October 15, organized wikieditathons [[:: Project: WikiDonne / Events / Editathons / Writers 2016 | Dias de las Escritoras]] in 6 cities ([[: en: Project: WikiDonne / Events / Editathons / Writers 2016 / BALI | Potenza, : [Project: WikiDonne / Events / Editathons / Writers 2016 / Uniroma2 | Roma, Naples and Bologna) together with WikiMujeres and Iberocoop. Photos in Rome and here in Naples.
  • September 1-30, organized 2 wikieditathons online Women Labor Activists and [[: en: Project: WikiDonne / Events / Editathons / Women_in_Nursing | Women in Nursing] ] along with WikiWomen.
  • August 12: Participation in the editathon UN HerStory together with Toponomastica Feminile, Rosa Code, FabLab Catania. 25-27 people wrote about 16-17 voices. Italian page of the project.

Gender gap[edit]

  • November 3, at the Genoa Science Festival, presentation of the project "vanno-on-line.html 100 experts go online ". A project that is an authoritative women's biography search tool, edited at its early stage and wiki-training, and continued with the creation of autonomo site by Nicola Vitucci.
For the training part, I took 6 hours of on-site training, on September 10, 2016, moving to Milan. That is why I perceived from Wikimedia Italia the total of 230.40 euro gross paid by wire transfer after the issue of invoice No. 1/2017.

Women, network and social[edit]

  • November 17, Genoa (Modena Theater / Market Hall): participation




Olympic champions, Hispanic and latinas women and Women from New Zeland on line editathon


Interwiki Women (permanent on line international collaboration ideated at Wikimania 2017 with Arminé and Andrea, to write about women in Italy, Armenia and Argentina) and international online campaign 1day1women.

July 2017[edit]

Women in dance 2017, Women in music 2017 and Women from India 2017 on line editathon.

June 2017[edit]

Women on MET collection, Wiki Loves Pride 2017 and Pre XX century women on line editathons.

April 2017[edit]

Women in Psychology, Book artists, Women in the CEE Countries, international on line editathons

March 11. Art + Feminism[edit]

Art + Feminism 2017 in person editathon in six cities: MAXXI Museum in Rome, Milan, Battipaglia, Ca' Foscari University in Venice, Gli Uffizi Museum in Florence, Potenza.

January, 1-30. Women in Education[edit]

Women in Education, on line edit-a-thon.

January, 1 April 2016 - 30 January2017. Women in Philosophy[edit]

Women in Philosophy on line edit-a-thon.


December, 1-31. Women in Aviation & Women in the Military[edit]

Women in Aviation e Women in the Military on line edit-a-thon.

December, 8. BBC 100 Women[edit]

BBC 100 Women in person edit-a-thon in Rome, at Women International House.

December, 1 April - 31 Dicember. Women Scientist[edit]

Women Scientists on line edit-a-thon.

November, 1-30. Women in Food & Drink[edit]

Women in Food & Drink online editathon.

Octobre, 1-31. Women in Architecture & Women in Archaeology[edit]

Women in Architecture and Women in Archaeology online editathon.

October, 14-15-16. Día de las Escritoras[edit]

Participation to Día de las Escritoras 2016 edit-a-thon organized In Spain by Wikimujeres in six cities: Potenza, Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples, Bologna.

September, 1-30. Women in Nursing & Women Labor Activists[edit]

Online edit-a-thons Women in Nursing and Women Labor Activists.

August 12th. UN Women Her Story[edit]

Online participation to the edit-a-thon Her Story, a global writing project on Wikipedia, held on International Youth Day (August 12, 2016) organized by the community of Wikipedia and supported by UN Women. The main event will be held at the UN headquarters in New York, accompanied by many other local events (including a virtual-edit thon), aimed at promoting Wikipedia's content on gender gap.





International collaborations[edit]

Mapping days[edit]