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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
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Statusunder discussion
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Project descriptionWikiEndangered aims to create an interactive platform to support and preserve endangered languages. The project will provide comprehensive resources, including dictionaries, grammars, and pronunciation recordings, for each endangered language. By integrating with existing Wikimedia projects like Wiktionary and Wikiversity, WikiEndangered seeks to leverage the power of collaborative learning and community engagement to protect linguistic diversity. This project aligns with the Wikimedia Foundation's mission of freely sharing knowledge globally.
Is it a multilingual wiki?Yes
Proposed taglinePreserving endangered languages through collaborative efforts
Technical requirements
Development wikinot yet
Interested participants
Takovej normální týoek


The purpose of the WikiEndangered project:

  • Creation to describe and protect endangered/extinct languages.
  • Addressing the scarcity of materials for these languages on Wikiversity or Wiktionary.
  • Collaboration potential with existing projects.
  • Similarities with Wikiversity and Wiktionary, exploring the uniqueness of WikiEndangered.


Dictionaries of endangered languages

  • Interactive dictionaries with definitions, usage examples and links to grammatical structures.

Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Detailed descriptions of grammatical rules and syntactic structures for each endangered language.

Lessons For Beginners

  • A series of lessons focusing on vocabulary basics, simple sentences and practical phrases for everyday situations.

Interactive Language Maps

  • Maps showing the geographical distribution of endangered languages ​​with links to relevant information.

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Takovej normální týpek

Alternative names[edit]

- WikiLanguages: - WikiLinguaViva

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