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WikiGPS worldwide location finding.

New features


Temporary data


The WikiGPS may be more than just location finding. I have this idea: I am riding along a highway, I use a GPS system to show me the way. All of a sudden, I am stuffed in a traffic jam. I save the information about the jam to WikiGPS for other users. They can then see that there is a jam and search for alternative routes to go. This temporary data (that will be valid just one day or a few hours) are not seen in proprietary GPS sources.

Maybe each location entry could have a time-list so that - instead of periodically deleting information which may still be of value - people can see the time that this information was valid and make a judgement as to whether it still is.

Map generating


The WikiGPS could become a source for generating maps. For example: The maps may be used in Wikipedia.

The hitchhikers guide to the world


(aka What is in the area?)

If every "location" of some sort in Wikipedia had a GPS "address" it could be rather cool thing to have when driving around on holidays/whatever. This is sort of a "dream" thing as it isn't currently that easy for most people to use this feature, but everything has a start.

Picture yourself driving around and then you begin to wonder; "What can I see/eat/drink/talk/experience in this area?" and you type it into your GPS-unit in the car and select the range of the search.. Bingo; You can watch pelicans drop off little babies, see the all new and exciting statue by some largely unknown artist and take a rest at the local pub which offers some great local dish.

Free exchange of services


Combining GPS and hospitality exchange could lead to more organized forms of ride sharing and hitchhiking. Both drivers and hitchhikers have profiles. Whenever a driver wants their position is updated and with indication of capability to pick up someone or to see if someone is close to be picked up. After meeting (i.e. a ride) people can leave comments. Just like with hospitality exchange, some people will be reluctant to accept people without comments, though "nice" people will acquire some level of trust. Ideally such a system is directly linked to hospitality exchange networks.

And goods


The same idea can be used in a different way, for goods. If you know the location of goods, goods that are considered redundant by their owners can be exchanged in a non-monetary way.

RFID tags would take this even a step further, since it will be possible to track goods this way. Taking dumpster diving to a whole new level.

Things to do


Should we buy the domain name wikigps.org?.

What about geowiki.org?

See also: GPS

How could this be implimented? A <gps>coods</gps> tag that could be inserted wherever? Then an enhanced search function AND if an article HAS a GPS tag, a function that could list items sorted by distance away from current item. A dialog box would be an improvement to be able to restrict results to certain categories. Dreaming? LarryEitel 17:54, 31 July 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Well, I am still too busy to make a proper prototype. But it would not be possible to make in the current Wikipedia engine. A new piece of sotware must be written.
Also Wikipedia would not serve as a source for GPS data. All the important things would be stored at WikiGPS and, if necessary, linked to [[w:SomePlace]] (e.g. [[w:London]]) from there, as is on Wikibooks or Wikiquote today. --slady 10:50, 1 August 2005 (UTC)[reply]
Hi!, small world. An interesting project to realize. I've been working on the same ideas. I'll let you know my progression.
Petter Ween
Hi, really small world, after brainstorming with myself on how to organize data structure around my application, I came up with a wiki based one, and I'm finding the idea here :)

I will get back to you when I get to know wiki world more,

Siamak Tavakoli

There is a website www.uaid.org which can create an ID out of GPS coordinates. There are 2 types of ID, one is UPID which is free for three times use and UAID as paid service for unlimited use. I think this will help on this project. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Sounds like a great idea. Would integration with Google Maps be applicable, or does that have copyright issues? ER



We would use the UGN standard notation.

What is UGN? Denelson83 06:55, 22 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]
According to an old version of geographic coordinate system, UGN is a method of encoding latitude/longitude coordinates in a brief fashion. However, I can find no other reference to it, anywhere (which is probably why it was removed from the page). -- 13:24, 20 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]