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Welcome to join the Global Kickoff of WikiGap 2021!
Great speeches, training on how to edit for those who need, and plenty of time to write new articles on women on Wikipedia!
Find out more in the Facebook event and register for the event on Eventbrite!


Get started

link 5 minutes
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Step 1: Create Wikipedia account or Log in to Wikipedia
Step 2: Register for the event with the Outreach Dashboard
Step 3: Add you Wikipedia username to the Etherpad

Choose one of the activities

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Improve and expand an article Help make improvements to Women's biographies on Wikipedia. link 20 minutes
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Improve with a reference Improve Women's biographies with citations. link 20 minutes
Noun Project translation icon 24074 cc.svg Translate articles to other languages Translate Wikipedia articles from one language to another. link 45 minutes
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Create a new Wikipedia article Choose a person you want to write a new Wikipedia article about. link 60 minutes

Extra activities

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Share! Share your contribution in social media. Use #wikigap as hashtag. link 5 minutes
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Upload to Commons! Upload your event photos under a free license on Wikimedia Commons. Please add them to the category c:Category:WikiGap 2021. link 10 minutes