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WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge/2021/Results

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WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge

10 March – 10 April, 2021
[Social media: #WikiGapNigeriaChallenge]

WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge from 10 March to 10 April 2021. It is organized by Wikimedia Nigeria and the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria, this year with support from African Women In The Media.

This page collects the top results and interesting statistics. For all details, visit this page

Contest details
List of proposed articles


General results[edit]

General outcome

  • 8 competitors with actual edits (almost 10 signed up)
  • 5 new articles were created while 3 were nominated for deletion.
  • 69 articles improved.
  • More than 10 Wikidata objects were created or improved.

Final Top 5[edit]

  1. Ngostary2k, 11 points. 11087bytes, (Excluding points earn 1 article "Deleted")
  2. Zend2020, 9 points. 9740bytes ( 9points) Excluding points from 2 articles (deleted) and 1 (draft)
  3. Omorodion1, 9 points. 8827bytes ( 8points) Wikidata (0.5x2=1 point) (Excluding points from 1 article "draft")
  4. Bukky658, 2.5points. 1083 bytes + 1.5points from Wikidata Excluding points earn from articles in "Deleted,Draft and sandbox" status)
  5. Olaniyan Olushola, points.