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WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge/List

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WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge
29 April – 27 May, 2020
[Social media: #WikiGap_Nigeria_Challenge]

The goal of WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge is to close the gender gap of Nigerian women on Wikipedia. But where to start? There are so many areas with poor coverage, so many women lacking articles. This page gathers some prominent women, who we believe should get a better coverage on Wikipedia.

If you create, edit or improve any articles on Nigerian women in Security; Nigerian women in Technology, particularly the fourth industrial revolution; or Nigerian women in Media, you will get +20 points in the WikiGap Nigeria Online Challenge. The categories have been proposed by African Women in the Media (AWIM), who will also sponsor the prize for the winner of the challenge! The idea is to create articles for Nigerian women in Security, Technology and Media, who lack articles, or good articles, on several or all language versions. Let's change that!

Ideas of articles to edit

Below is an automatically generated list of women lacking articles on Wikipedia. This list of red links is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles on the English Wikipedia. All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; red links on this list may or may not qualify.

You can also check articles Here where you can find a set of articles in various areas that lack articles on many language versions!

Contest details
Contest details
List of proposed articles
If you have any questions about this writing challenge, please add them to our talk page.
See the continuously updated log for the event.
name image description occupation date of birth date of death place of birth place of death wikidata item site links
interpreter from Nigeria en:interpreter 1879 Nigeria Q45157435 1
en:Humuani Alaga Nigeria feminist and trade unionist (1900–1993) ♀ en:feminist
en:trade unionist
1900 1993 en:Ibadan en:Ibadan Q61002925 1
en:Purity Ada Uchechukwu Nigeria hispanist (*1901) ♀ en:hispanist 1901s Q50351815 2
en:Chikwenye Okonjo Ogunyemi nigerian writer en:writer 1932 Q87740711 0
en:J A Aromire Nigeria person (1935–2007) ♀ 1935-04-01 2007 Q6109325 1
en:Abiodu Duro-Ladipo Nigerian actress and singer en:singer
1941 en:Gbonyin Q56822740 0
en:Rebecca Adewumi executed for witchcraft in Nigeria 1942 2012-07 en:Omuo-Ekiti Q54227944 0
en:Vanessa Beeman
British writer en:writer 1945-01-15 2020-01-01 en:Nairobi en:Penzance Q7914610 2
en:Erelu Kuti Nigerian noblewoman en:noble 1947-07-29 en:Kano Q62071484 1
en:Oyin Oladejo Toronto-based actress, hailing from Nigeria en:actor
en:stage actor
en:television actor
1950s en:Ibadan Q63124741 1
en:Bukola Bakreen badminton player en:badminton player 1950s Q65428883 0
en:Isoken Ogiemwonyi Nigerian fashion designer en:fashion designer 1953s Q16644088 1
en:Omoleye Adeyemi Adeola Nigeria person (*1953) ♀ 1953s Q23908174 1
en:Judy Bell-Gam Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor 1956-08-24 Q54209073 2
en:Emily Alemika Nigerian lawyer and educator en:professor 1957 en:Kogi State Q27978990 0
en:Lateefah Durosinmi Nigerian academic en:university teacher
1957-07-07 en:Lagos Q23890153 0
en:Taiwo Lijadu Nigeria twin (1958–2019) ♀ 1958-09-18 2019-11-09 Nigeria en:New York City Q22137306 0
en:Kehinde Lijadu Nigeria twin (*1958) ♀ 1958-09-18 Nigeria Q22137307 0
en:Oluyemisi Oluremi Obilade Vice Chancellor in Nigeria en:vice chancellor 1958-11-14 en:Osun State Q22671991 0
en:Eucharia Okwunna Nigerian politician en:politician 1961-11-03 Q35536478 0
en:Dayo Oyewusi badminton player en:badminton player 1966 Q27503320 0
en:Nike Adeyemi Co-paster, a reformer and wife of Pastor Sam Adeyemi en:pastor 1967-04-11 Q90668841 0
en:Bisi Tiamiyu badminton player en:badminton player 1969 Q27503319 0
en:Bridget Ibenero badminton player en:badminton player 1970s Q27906092 0
en:Miriam Sude badminton player en:badminton player 1970s Q27906473 0
en:Bibi Bakare-Yusuf Nigerian publisher and writer en:academic
1970 en:Lagos Q20013339 2
en:Balkisu Musa Nigerian weightlifter en:weightlifter 1970 Q63457536 1
en:Dqueen Nigerian Reggae Artiste en:singer 1970-02-03 en:Benin City Q46233612 0
en:Chinweoke Chikwelu Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor 1970-08-28 Q54214904 2
en:Camilla Maria Paola Ohazulike Nigeria person (*1971) ♀ 1971 Q87401285 0
en:Christy Obekpa Nigerian judoka (1971-) en:judoka 1971-12-15 Q26255235 2
en:Adefolake Adeyeye Nigerian lawyer en:lawyer 1972-12 Q66468056 0
en:Omotayo Akinremi Nigerian female sprinter and hurdler en:sprinter
1974-09-13 Q24951645 1
en:Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya Nigerian activist and politician en:politician 1975 en:Kaduna Q60053871 0
en:Kuburat Mumini badminton player en:badminton player 1975-11-22 Q27267641 0
en:Margaret Achibi Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*1976) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 1976 Q52768251 1
en:Olamide Toyin Adebayo badminton player en:badminton player 1976-06-26 Q13475979 2
en:Bisi Ibidapo-Obe Nigerian actress en:actor 1977-01-27 Q27088171 0
en:Theresa Ushibema Udie Nigerian entrepreneur en:entrepreneur 1979-05-09 Q21067132 1
en:Maryann Ekeada Nigerian judoka (1979-) en:judoka 1979-07-23 Q27430300 1
en:Lovelyn Orji-Ben Nigerian judoka (1979-) en:judoka 1979-12-03 Q26255064 1
en:Olawunmi Adebayo Nigerian basketball player (1979-) en:basketball player 1979-12-09 en:Abeokuta Q56027712 1
en:Adeola Ariyo
Nigerian model en:model 1980s en:Lagos Q45315911 1
en:Nsisong Asanga chess player en:chess player 1980 Q28480746 0
en:Enjoli Izidor Nigerian basketball player (1980-) en:basketball player 1980-01-16 Q56014378 1
en:Lovina Edward Nigerian amateur wrestler en:amateur wrestler 1980-06-12 Q24954210 1
en:Amina Mustapha Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*1981) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 1981-04-27 Q52788086 1
en:Oluchi Okorie Nigerian basketball player (1981-) en:basketball player 1981-08-28 en:Lagos Q56027669 1
en:Hellen Okus Nigerian wrestler en:amateur wrestler 1981-12-12 Q24954219 1
en:Blossom Nnodim Author, blogger and compere en:journalist 1981-12-26 Nigeria Q16221478 1
en:Grace Ayemoba Nigeria hurdler (*1981) ♀ en:hurdler 1981-12-26 Q64581696 1
en:Adeola Wylie Nigerian basketball player (1982-) en:basketball player 1982-01-12 en:Lagos Q56013867 1
en:Prisca Azuine badminton player en:badminton player 1982-03-05 Q27906531 0
en:Queen Obisesan Nigeria hammer thrower (*1982) ♀ en:hammer thrower 1982-09-15 en:Festac Town Q63878303 1
en:Chineze Nwagbo American basketball player (1982-) en:basketball player 1982-11-28 en:Iowa City Q14322933 2
en:Sammy Oziti Nigerian amateur wrestler en:amateur wrestler 1983-01-01 Q27119575 2
en:Morolake Ogunoye Nigerian basketball player (1983-) en:basketball player 1983-04-15 Q56026964 1
en:Comfort Onyali Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor 1983-04-25 Q19958466 1
en:Vivica Rayy American pornographic actress en:pornographic actor
1983-05-19 Q15736535 6
en:Millicent Agboegbulem Nigerian boxer en:boxer 1983-06-18 Q84266954 0
en:Adijat Ayuba Nigerian judoka (1983-) en:judoka 1983-10-11 Q27119353 2
en:Dumebi S. Agbakoba
Nigerian Chef en:creative director
1983-12-01 en:Lagos Q13140630 1
en:Patricia Osita Onumonu
Nigerian ex-model, fashion and luxury lifestyle entrepreneur en:fashion designer
1984 Q61731679 1
en:Patience Okoro Nigeria heptathlete (*1984) ♀ en:heptathlete 1984-07-10 Q24951655 1
en:Joy Ekhator Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*1985) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 1985 Q49232476 1
en:Kehinde Obareh Nigerian boxer en:boxer 1985-05-04 en:Sagamu Q79336707 1
en:Funmilola Adebayo Nigerian judoka (1985-) en:judoka 1985-08-27 Q27119294 1
en:Maureen Williams Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor 1986-05-09 Q11771714 1
en:Olatorera Oniru
Nigerian entrepreneur and development speaker en:chief executive officer 1987-03-03 en:Ibadan Q24006929 1
en:Esther Augustine Nigerian judoka (1987-) en:judoka 1987-07-08 Q27119553 1
en:Hadiza Zakari Fashion model en:weightlifter 1987-09-10 Q22236592 1
en:Oluwatobiloba Olatunji chess player en:chess player 1988 Q28480782 0
en:Oluwatoyin Oladeji Nigerian boxer en:boxer 1988-04-16 Nigeria Q79336142 1
en:Sophie Gemal model en:model 1989 en:Bayelsa State Q3964947 1
en:Ali Zainab Nielsen Nigerian singer en:singer 1989-01-10 2018-04-05 en:Kaduna State Q51633388 0
en:Faith Obazuaye Nigerian table tennis player en:table tennis player 1989-03-04 en:Benin City Q84246074 0
en:Rita Ogene Nigeria karateka (*1989) ♀ en:karateka 1989-07-29 Q86846816 1
en:Justina Agatahi Nigerian judoka (1989-) en:judoka 1989-08-15 Q27119251 2
en:Mary Gideon badminton player en:badminton player 1989-12-10 Q1906264 1
en:Maryam Usman Nigeria athlete (*1990) ♀ en:athlete 1990 en:Kaduna Q62594943 1
en:Bunmi Adekola Nigeria weightlifter (*1990) ♀ en:weightlifter 1990-03-07 Q26838683 0
en:Blessing Ibrahim Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor 1990-04-04
en:Enugu Q20991617 3
en:Uzoamaka Otuadinma Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*1990) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 1990-12-18 Q50675436 1
en:Franca Audu Nigerian judoka (1991-) en:judoka 1991-02-14 Q27119492 1
en:Ebere Chi singer en:musician 1991-06-12 en:Abia State Q40914017 0
en:Grace Ajilore
Nigerian Youtube celeb en:YouTuber 1991-12-20 Nigeria Q62586389 1
en:Steph-Anie public figure 1992-05-20 en:Sokoto Q60447636 0
en:Claire Uke Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor 1992-12-31 Q20993697 1
Nigerian OAP 1993 en:Enugu State Q61743206 1
en:Ifeoma Nwoye Nigerian sport wrestler en:amateur wrestler 1993-05-01 Q24954161 2
en:Ugoshi Nwaigwe Basketball Player en:basketball player 1993-05-03 en:Queens Q51054492 1
en:Rita Ebere Nigerian judoka (1993-) en:judoka 1993-11-04 Q27119653 1
en:Josephine Omaka Nigerian runner en:athletics competitor
1993-11-29 Q11728486 2
en:Amin Yop Christopher badminton player en:badminton player 1993-12-06 Q65658697 0
en:Rosemary Nweke Nigerian amateur wrestler en:amateur wrestler 1994-01-01 en:Lagos Q24956189 2
en:Ifeoma Dennis Nigerian taekwondo athlete en:taekwondo athlete 1994 Q50674815 1
en:Winifred Gofit Nigerian judoka (1994-) en:judoka 1994-05-22 Q26996235 1
en:Winnie Gofit Nigerian amateur wrestler en:amateur wrestler 1994-05-22 Q29830530 1
en:Bukola Oladipupo Nigerian Actress en:actor 1994-05-23 en:London Q69803931 0
en:Bilikis Abiodun Otunla Nigeria weightlifter (*1994) ♀ en:weightlifter 1994-06-12 Q23059377 1
en:Racheal Ekoshoria Nigeria weightlifter (*1994) ♀ en:weightlifter 1994-08-30 Q27824382 1
en:Toni Payne US association football player en:association football player 1995-04-22 en:Birmingham Q41616404 1
en:Peace Orji badminton player en:badminton player 1995-12-20
Q49142252 1
en:Rebecca Temidayo Oshinbajo Nigeria hurdler (*1996) ♀ en:hurdler 1996-05-14 Q25429899 1
en:Patricia Akpusugh badminton player en:badminton player 1996-06-18 Q65658754 0
en:Momoh Zainab badminton player en:badminton player 1996-11-03 Q27893561 1
en:Esther Asamu Nigeria athletics competitor and sprinter (*1996) ♀ en:athletics competitor
1996-11-14 Q25429841 1
en:Deborah Adewale Nigerian sprinter en:athletics competitor
1997-04-18 Q11693171 1
en:Blessing Olaode Nigerian fencer en:fencer 1997-07-06 Q66183030 0
en:Yetunde Odunuga Nigerian boxer en:boxer 1997-11-19 Q84248281 0
en:Blessing Adiakerenwa Nigerian sprinter en:sprinter 1998-03-07 Q25429902 1
en:Princess Kara Nigeria discus thrower (*1998) ♀ en:discus thrower 1998-06-02 Q68484505 1
en:Tiwatope Ayodeji Award winning blogger,PR,Entrepreneur,and Red Carpet Host en:singer
1998-06-19 en:Lagos Q50633774 0
en:Abolaji Omotayo Oluwaseun Nigerian sprinter en:sprinter 1998-12-06 Q25429886 1
en:Elizabeth Temitayo Oshoba Nigerian boxer en:boxer 1999-02-23 Q79338294 1
en:Ramatu Yakubu Nigerian badminton player en:badminton player 1999-03-27 Q65429356 0
en:Vicky Nachor Nigeria Singer - Songwriter en:singer-songwriter
1999-10-06 en:Anambra State Q90224476 0
en:Aniekeme Alphonsus Nigeria athletics competitor and sprinter (*1999) ♀ en:athletics competitor
1999-12-25 Q25429576 2
en:Ester Uzoukwu Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*2000) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 2000s Q50676500 1
en:Divine Aide Omo Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*2000) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 2000s Q50676551 1
en:Leka Mini Baridam Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*2000) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 2000s Q50676658 1
en:Joyce Joseph Malfil Nigeria taekwondo athlete (*2000) ♀ en:taekwondo athlete 2000s Q50677034 1
en:Victoria Itodo Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor 2000s Q9368647 1
en:Esther Toko Nigerian canoeist en:canoeist 2000-03-28 Q83885536 1
en:Rosemary Chukuma Nigerian sprinter en:athletics competitor 2001-05-12 Q59418805 0
en:Adijat Gbadamosi
Nigerian boxer en:boxer 2001-12-31 Q64374428 1
en:Ayomide Bello Nigerian canoeist en:canoeist 2002-04-04 Q70616637 1
en:Zainab Damilola Alabi badminton player en:badminton player 2002-10-16 Q65429669 0
en:Christiana Olajumoke Obasanmi badminton player en:badminton player 2003-09-16 Q65428895 0
en:Sofiat Arinola Obanishola badminton player en:badminton player 2003-09-16
Q65429480 0
en:Daisy Danjuma Nigerian politician en:politician Q13140624 1
en:Janet Olaide Sheba Nigeria person ♀ Q13140709 1
en:Taiwo Oladoye Nigerian singer en:singer en:Ibadan Q16733674 0
en:Marcellina Offoha Nigerian writer en:writer Q18389141 0
en:Seun Oni
Nigerian singer en:singer Q27096204 0
en:Makanjuola Bisola Nigerian amateur wrestler en:amateur wrestler Q27786363 1
en:Patience Opuene Nigerian amateur wrestler en:amateur wrestler Q27786364 1
en:Musibau Adekanbi Nigerian sport wrestler en:professional wrestler
en:amateur wrestler
Q27786365 1
en:Chicmah Obodo Nigerian judoka en:judoka Q28501405 1
en:Victoria Agbodobiri Nigerian judoka en:judoka Q28501740 1
en:Fatima Bashir Nigerian judoka en:judoka Q28501834 1
en:Omotade Alalade Nigeria person ♀; BBC 100 Women Q28971173 0
en:Rita Orji politician en:politician Q35536630 0
en:Stella Ngwu politician en:politician Q35537561 0
en:Esther Audu Nollywood actress en:actor en:Lagos Q37001220 1
en:Bolajoko O. Olusanya researcher and senior executive of Centre for Healthy Start Initiative, Lagos, Nigeria en:researcher
Q37608001 0
en:Ndidi Ngwuluka Nigerian pharmacologist en:pharmacologist Q37830070 0
en:Toyosi Phillips
Nigerian actress and OAP en:actor Q38185360 1
en:Nicole Asinugo
Film writer en:screenwriter Q41077294 1
en:Cornelia O' Dwyer
Nigerian presenter en:presenter en:San Francisco Q41077591 1
en:Ronke Bamisedun
Nigerian OAP Q41437762 1
en:Zed Eye
Nigerian designer en:fashion designer Q41870160 1
en:Yinka Jegede-Ekpe A Nigerian diagnosed with HIV at age 19, bravely stepped forward to combat stigmatization and became one of her countryís most visible AIDS activists. She raises awareness, advocates for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and focuses attention on Q46936951 0
en:Agnes Marquis
Nigerian TV producer en:television producer Q51329241 1
en:Ugwem Eneyo
Nigerian entrepreneur en:environmental scientist Q51819893 0
en:Kemisola Adetola
Nigerian actress en:actor Q52151338 0
en:Uzoamaka Aniunoh
Nigerian actor en:actor Q52161411 1
en:Ruby Akubueze
Nigerian actor en:actor Q52161491 1
en:Sharon Ezeamaka Nigerian actor en:actor Q52161669 1
en:Lady Donli
Nigerian musician en:singer Q52345352 0
en:Appeal Isimirie Nigeria taekwondo athlete ♀ en:taekwondo athlete Q54805434 1
en:Victoria Chika Ezerim Nigeria taekwondo athlete ♀ en:taekwondo athlete Q54805436 1
en:Omoowa Omoregie Nigeria taekwondo athlete ♀ en:taekwondo athlete Q54805507 1
en:Ogechi Ogwudu Nigeria taekwondo athlete ♀ en:taekwondo athlete Q54805508 1
en:Zim Ugochukwu Nigerian travel entrepreneur en:entrepreneur Q54912328 0
en:Unoma Ndili Okorafor Nigeria person ♀; OkayAfrica 100 Women Q54939343 0
en:Olayemi Ogunwole
Nigerian celeb and radio host en:celebrity
en:radio personality
Q55164639 1
en:Amiola Aguda
Nigerian presenter en:television presenter Q55877944 1
en:Titi Alakija Nigeria person ♀; child of en:Adeyemo Alakija; spouse of en:Kofi Annan Q56161612 0
en:Dorathy Mato Nigerian politician en:politician Q56229557 0
en:Evelyn Ahkator Basketball Player en:basketball player Q58979900 0
en:Yemi Adamolekun
Exec Director of Enough is Enough en:social entrepreneur Q60054290 1
en:Sarah Peace Nigerian activist en:activist Q60607852 1
en:Mimi Onalaja
Nigerian TV person en:television personality en:Lagos Q62061921 1
en:Rebecca Salu Livingstone Nigerian zoologist en:zoologist Q62592686 0
en:Enitome E. Bafor researcher en:researcher Q62917787 0
en:Lola Adamson
Nigerian actress en:actor Q63064605 1
en:Salissou Hassan Latifa Miss Geek Africa 2018 Q63756323 0
en:Olayinka Aro-Lambo
Nigerian fashion designer en:fashion designer Q63992820 1
en:Chinenye Nzom
Nigerian activist en:activist Q65676182 1
en:Sammy Wole
Nigerian Video Jockey en:VJ Q66833172 0
en:Awazi Angbalaga
radio personality en:radio personality Q67407124 0
en:Blessing Mbabie Nigeria person ♀; member of Next Einstein Forum and Nigerian Young Academy Q68913268 0
en:Henrietta Ene-Obong researcher en:researcher Q69122806 0
en:Franscisca Nneka Okeke Nigeria person ♀; Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences Q69846422 0
en:Bose Ogulu Nigeria person ♀; OkayAfrica 100 Women Q71976779 0
en:Dami Olonisakin Nigeria person ♀; OkayAfrica 100 Women Q71979515 0
en:Damilola Odufuwa Nigeria person ♀; OkayAfrica 100 Women Q71979668 0
en:Ifunaya Maduka Nigeria person ♀; OkayAfrica 100 Women Q72150351 0
en:Kovie Biakolo Nigerian journalist en:journalist Q72161059 0
en:Teniola Apata Nigeria person ♀; OkayAfrica 100 Women Q72182247 0
en:Emily Odoemenam Nigerian athletics competitor en:athletics competitor Q72288240 0
en:Onome Owah Director en:actor Q72848225 0
en:Nneka Ofulue Actress en:actor Nigeria Q72848981 0
en:Lami Phillips Actress en:actor Nigeria Q72851679 0
en:Hikimot Abdullahi Actress en:actor Nigeria Q72851833 0
en:Juliet Obas Actress en:actor Nigeria Q72852136 0
en:Mojisola Hannah Actress en:actor Q72852443 0
en:Ngozi Echems Actress en:actor Q72852587 0
en:Precious Ubani Actress en:actor Q72857922 0
en:Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi Actress en:actor Q72858475 0
en:Harieth Akinola Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72869748 0
en:Blessing Omwukwe Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72872965 0
en:Anita Asuoha Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72873092 0
en:Chinonye Chidolue Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72874288 0
en:Abimbola Akinade Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72874938 0
en:Julie Abudu Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72875105 0
en:Bena Otoro Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72877388 0
en:Emmanuella Ochuko Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72878370 0
en:Juliet Okeke Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72883384 0
en:Doris Chiamaka Thompson Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72884110 0
en:Damilola Bolarinde Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72884462 0
en:Oluwande Adetula Nigerian actress en:actor Q72885846 0
en:Gloria Udoh Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72886735 0
en:Benedita Bolarinwa Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72887863 0
en:Lilian Kolawole Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72887955 0
en:Liliveth Ugochukwu Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72888807 0
en:Kemi Fatolu Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72889382 0
en:Sarah Ogidi Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72889637 0
en:Christiana Hamson Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72889764 0
en:Blessing Okwayi Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72889950 0
en:Angel Onigwe Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72890813 0
en:Ngozi Uduma Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72891751 0
en:Sharon Unigwe Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72892644 0
en:Nancy Obasi Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72901631 0
en:Igboanugo Adaora Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72902092 0
en:Queen Aliyu Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72902657 0
en:Helen AdaJesus Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72902873 0
en:Blessing Joel Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72903081 0
en:Bilikisu Useni Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72903943 0
en:Serah Ezekiel Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72904106 0
en:Ivy Agbo Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72905020 0
en:Mercy Bond Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72905745 0
en:Esther Sunday Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72907121 0
en:Ella Bach Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72907276 0
en:Zanab Aliu Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72907445 0
en:Daughter Jack Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72907549 0
en:Agatha Gambo Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72911794 0
en:Magdaline Pam Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72912644 0
en:Eunice Lazarus Nigerian Actress en:actor Q72925650 0
en:Olayinka Ayotunde Oridupa researcher en:researcher Q73139744 0
en:Temitope Olawunmi Sogbanmu researcher en:researcher Q73288044 0
en:Christiana Owoseni Mojisola Nigeria person ♀; member of AAS Affiliates Programme Q73288486 0
en:Wuraola Adebola Shokunbi Clinical Haematologist Q75145834 0
en:Ogoamaka Patience Osadebe university teacher (Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria) en:university teacher Q75145886 0
en:Obioma C. Nwaorgu Department of Parasitology and Entomology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Q75164951 0
en:Adejoke Akinyele Nigeria person ♀; member of Nigerian Young Academy Q75181294 0
en:Temitope Odetoye Nigeria person ♀; member of Nigerian Young Academy Q75186851 0
en:Foluke Unuabonah Nigeria person ♀; member of Nigerian Young Academy Q75188645 0
en:Oyebiodun Grace Longe biochemist and nutritionist Q75226075 0
en:Ibironke Akinsete Nigeria person ♀; Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science Q75240301 0
en:Yetunde Mercy Olumide Nigeria person ♀; Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science Q75303536 0
en:Olabopo Osuntokun Nigeria person ♀; Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science Q75699562 0
en:Oladunni G. Olaniyan-Taylor Nigeria person ♀; Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science Q75700464 0
en:Chioma Chukwuka Nigeria software developer, NEF ambassador ♀ en:software developer Q77419550 0
en:Lovina Onyegbule Nigeria paralympic athlete ♀ en:paralympic athlete Q77975898 0
en:Titilope Gbemisola Akosa She is a climate justice advocate, Environmental Leader lawyer, gender and social inclusion expert, researcher. en:lawyer
en:climate activist
Q83986546 0
en:Omobola Eko The Convener, Urban Tree Revival Team (UTRT) en:climate activist Q84177780 0
en:Nike Onifade
Nigerian librarian en:librarian Q84443566 0
en:Temi Otedola
Nigerian fashion blogger en:blogger Q84600881 1
en:Esther Kolawole Nigerian amateur wrestler en:amateur wrestler Q85860774 1
en:Mulikat Salam Immediate Past University Librarian, FUNAAB, Nigeria en:librarian en:Abeokuta Q86347454 0
en:Eni Balogun Nigeria entrepreneur and make-up artist en:entrepreneur
en:make-up artist
Q87717225 0
en:Chinonye Akunne Beauty Scientist, Entrepreneur en:scientist Nigeria Q90001754 0
en:Dr. Adeyemi Opeyemi Rashidat Resident Doctor at Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital en:physician Q91145782 0
en:Nwaka Chioma Medical Doctor and Founder of SMILE with ME Foundation en:physician Q91231780 0
en:Nene Elsie Nwanda Professor of pediatric surgery , University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital en:physician Q91231815 0

∑ 268 items.