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This request for micro-funding to WikiIndaba 2023 has just been submitted by Gwanki on 18-09-2023 and is awaiting support.


Please add description of the request, with all the necessary details. Kano Wikimedians is the group of Wikimedia editors from Kano State of Nigeria. Kano State is the second most populous state in Nigeria and most populous state and center for commerce in Northern Nigeria.

Let's Gather in Kano State for WikiIndaba 2023

Where: This project will happen at the great city of Kano, Kano State Nigeria.

Our Goals:

  • Bring People Together: We want to bring together people who love Wikimedia in Kano State and nearby areas. We want everyone to take part in WikiIndaba 2023.
  • Learn Together: We'll have workshops and talks to help everyone learn more about Wikimedia. You can meet experts and share what you know too.
  • Spread the Word: We want to tell more people about Wikimedia in Kano State and all over Nigeria. We want to make it more popular.

What We'll Do:

  • Local Talks: People who know a lot about Wikimedia will talk about it. You can ask questions and learn.
  • Meet Others: You'll meet people who also like Wikimedia. Maybe you'll work on projects together.
  • Watch Live: We'll show you what's happening at WikiIndaba 2023 in Agadir, Morocco, on a screen. You can be part of it even if you're far away.
  • Watch Later: In case if someone can't be there live. We'll have videos which he can watch later, so our people won't miss out.
  • We will meet in Kano State for a friendly gathering. We'll learn and have fun together, all about Wikimedia!


Please specify who is submitting the request, and what their experience is to run activities

  • list all people involved, with their linked username
  • clarify whether the request is from an affiliate usergroup, chapter or a yet-to-be/non-affiliated group.
  • also clarify whether the funds would be transferred to an individual or to an organization bank account

The request for hosting this Wikimedia gathering in Kano State, Nigeria, comes from a non-affiliated user group. The funds for this project will be transferred to individual bank accounts. Here's a list of the people involved and their linked usernames:

  • Gwanki: will lead the project and has a wealth of experience organizing Wikimedia projects in Kano and Northern Nigeria. An experienced Wikimedian and a sysop editor at Hausa Wikipedia.
  • A Sulaiman Z: is an experienced Wikimedian from Kano with a track record of organizing, facilitating, and participating in Wikimedia projects in Northern Nigeria. He have achieved recognition in Wikimedia International and National contests.
  • M Bash Ne: is an experienced editor who has led numerous Wikimedia projects in Northern Nigeria. He's well-regarded in the Hausa Community and hail from Kano State.
  • Usmanmaifada: is an active Wikimedian from Kano State, contributing to the Wikimedia community.

These individuals have a strong background in Wikimedia activities and are dedicated to making this gathering in Kano State a success. We will also reach out to and gather other dedicated Wikipedia editors and contributors from Kano State to join us in this exciting Wikimedia event. Our goal is to create a welcoming space where all Wikimedia enthusiasts in the region can come together to share knowledge, collaborate, and strengthen our community. Together, we can make this gathering a meaningful and enriching experience for everyone involved.


Please provide a range or estimate for the number of participants the funding will support. Our project is designed to accommodate a diverse group of 30 participants from Kano State and neighboring areas. We aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone can actively participate and contribute to the Wikimedia community. With 30 dedicated participants, we look forward to a dynamic exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, and collaborative efforts that will enrich our Wikimedia gathering in Kano State.


  • Name of contact person: Abubakar Ali
  • Username of contact person: User:Gwanki
  • Affiliate (if applicable): Hausa Wikimedians User Group
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Event date and location: 5th November 2023, Kano Metropolis
  • Other stakeholders (if applicable):


Item Unit price ($) Quantity Total ($)
Event venue $60 1 $60
Projector $10 1 $10
Data connection $40 1 $40
Banner and flyers $50 1 $50
Food and Refreshments $4 30 $120
Customized T-shirts for Organisers $5 4 $20 Total $300

Any changes made to the budget after the application is submitted will void the application. You will then need to submit an updated application

Jury decision[edit]