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WikiIndaba 2023/Submissions/The Afrosounds Project

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Indaba 2023 Logo ID : Advancing African Music and Sounds Using Open Source Knowledge
Author(s): Oreoluwa Ajayi, Precious Obiorah Username(s): ReoMartins, Prithee P Type of submission: Presentation
Affiliation: Afrosounds Theme(s): Diversity, Media Outreach, Community Engagement, Strategy

Our aim is to explore resources, diversity, and create future-oriented collaborations towards ensuring that credible and notable stories, topics and content about African music - traditional and contemporary - is contributed to the global sum of knowledge, hence preserving history, culture, stories for posterity and promoting open knowledge through collective action.

Level of advancement: Medium
Special requirements:
Extra information: Etherpad
How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region?

1. Innovating in Free Knowledge on Music in Africa 2. Raising Awareness on Music and Sounds Documentation Across Africa 3. Exploring Open Source Knowledge, Open Data Standards and Open Licenses. 4. Building a Community and Fostering Collaborations and Productive Partnerships

This project hopes to bridge the huge content gap observed, improve on the systemic bias and also prevent misrepresentation and misinformation, in context to notable topics, stories and content regarding African music and sounds by sourcing true and credible African narratives and standpoints. The Afrosounds Project aims to encourage the collaborative addition of accurate information to a wide variety of musical topics as it concerns the African community. This project seeks to access and harness resources towards advancing a community that promotes knowledge equity of the underrepresented African community in music. This would be attained by creating articles, providing citations, media and data around traditional and contemporary facts, to be available and accessible, both online and offline, and in different languages to a global audience. This session hopes to intimate Wikimedians around the world about the project, build and explore resources, increase capacity of existing editors within the community and also intimate new volunteer editors on the impacts to be created through this project.

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