WikiIndaba Conference 2018/Mompati Dikunwane/Report

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Event Name[edit]

WikiIndaba Conference 2018

My Input[edit]

I have participated and learnt a lot from the teachings delivered by Felix Nartey at the (# 1Lib 1 Ref) ("One Librarian, One Reference") workshop which is a Wikipedia publicity drive that asked every librarian on Earth to mark the 15th anniversary of the foundation of Wikipedia, on 15 January 2016, by adding a citation to the online encyclopedia and i am happy to say that i have started spreading the word in my country about # 1Lib 1 Ref which is now going on so well.

I had time to collaborate with the organizing team for the 2018 event, that is the Tunis User Group. They are so amazing and I would like to congratulate them for the job well done....Hurrayǃǃ

Participant Connections[edit]

I am really happy to have participated in WikiIndaba Conference 2018 hosted by Wikimedia TN. I want to say i really learnt a lot from you guys keep up the good work. It was a tremendous pleasure to meet with people from different communities and i was happy to see their involvement in Wikimedia and her related projects. This was the third edition of indaba after Indaba in Johannesburg in 2014 organised by Wikimedia Za and Accra in 2017 organised by Wikimedia CUG Ghana and Open Foundation West Africa.


  1. I have attended a workshop on Wiki data and learned quiet a lot from it.
  2. I have started establishing more glam partners in Botswana.
  3. I want to initiate the use of Kiwix in my country where there is poor or no internet access (Rural Schools).