WikiIndaba Conference 2018/Rosalieper/Report

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Event Name[edit]

WikiIndaba Conference 2018

My Input[edit]

I contributed my opinion and ideas on the little excises and workshops that took place at the event, I also participated in the wikidata workshop. I took a few pictures as well of the end of the event, that I am still to add to commons.

Participant Connections[edit]

I could connect with a lot of participants. I was able to meet physically @Felix Nartey and @Samuel Guebo with whom I have been working with on the AWMD project but just online.

I had an exchange with Alex Stinson on reaching out to secondry school students and creating awareness on Wikipedia.

I also had some exchange with George Fodouop concerning some great ideas he has of putting Wikipedia content in our local languages.


- Just after Indaba we had an editatone for Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons. Actually a 3 days event. - I spoke of the Wikimedia Foundation at a Women TechMakers (WTM) event and got some interested new volunteers that joined the user group. - I organised a meeting with ladies that code from my area on how to contribute code to Wikimedia projects and join AWMD.

Photos Aperance[edit]