WikiIndaba conference 2014/Day 3/Team 3 WikiIndaba Strategy

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1. What can be done to increase understanding of and use of Wikipedia in Africa?[edit]

  1. Develop partnerships with other organisations that share our objective of free knowledge. Organisations such as Creative Commons SA or Heritage Western Cape.

2. What can be done to attract users? What subjects are effective?[edit]

  1. Wikimedia Tunisia:
    1. Wikipedia video - Habib knows people to can produce such videos that effectively explain how to edit Wikipedia and what Wikimedia chapters are about.
  2. Editing competition for first time editors modelled on the competition the Egyptians ran.
  3. Media campaign to raise general public awareness.
  4. Greater and more effective use of General notice banner adds for public events and User notice banners for informing local editors.

3. How should we organise ourselves to work together going forward?[edit]

  1. opt-in mailing list based on the system Asaf presented at WikiIndaba that allows us to directly contact most active editors in our respective countries.
  2. Regular Wiki meetups - a great way for local editors to bond and build a greater sense of community.
  3. Setup a Wiki based portal for WikiIndaba participants similar to the Africa protal on Wikipedia.

4. What is the best way / tool to stay connected as a group and regions going forward?[edit]

  1. Opt-in mailing list based on Asaf's new system mentioned above.

5. What is the future of WikiIndaba?[edit]