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WikiIndaba conference 2019/Abakar B/Report

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Event Name


WikiIndaba Conference 2019 - Abuja - Nigeria.

My Input


My first participation in Wikiinda was great because i met wikipedians from different countries with great humility in a spirit of sharing ideas. I learned a lot each question asked there are always understandable answers



Participating in Wiki Indaba 2019 was a discovery of working tools during the different workshops and the efforts that each person made for the improvements of the articles and at the same time a networking with everyone in the conference, and I hope that these connections will give good collaborations and projects very soon in the future.



My experience, the panelists made their proofs in their interventions and the learning was practical, the organizing team was not easy but they have to measure up and thank you and had the occasion to visit a new cultur and country Nigeria